Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Best Relationship, Worst Episode & More!

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For better and for worst, Grey's Anatomy Season 13 has been one of the most talked about seasons of the series. 

After 13 seasons, that's quite the accomplishment. There were some ups, many unfortunate downs, and so much fighting

There were some great guest -stars, some interesting love triangles, and many character-centric episodes that slowed things down and honed in on a select few. 

Season 13 also saw the directorial debut of Ellen Pompeo, herself, as well as Kevin McKidd, Debbie Allen, and Chandra Wilson. 

One thing is for sure, a lot of feelings were invoked throughout this season. Now, whether they were good, bad, or downright ugly is an entirely different observation to make. You can sound off about that below, but first, check out our TV Fanatic Report Card of Grey's Anatomy's thirteenth season.

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1. Most Improved - Meredith

Most Improved - Meredith
Meredith has had her fair share of questionable moments (that entire situation with Maggie, threatening DeLuca etc.,), but for the most part, she's greatly improved this season. She's been a competent, capable doctor. She has stood by her beliefs, challenged Bailey, and been a supportive friend to both Alex and Nathan. We also saw her grow as a woman and a sister. It's been amazing watching the 180 she's done when it comes to supporting and protecting her family, and accepting family she never would have accepted years ago. It was also nice to see her be willing to move on from Derek without feeling guilty about it. Meredith has matured as a character, and she's all the better for it.

2. Most Polarizing Character - Eliza Minnick

Most Polarizing Character - Eliza Minnick
Eliza Minnick will go down in the books as one of the most polarizing characters in Grey's Anatomy history. You either loved her or loathed her, with very few who fell in between. Eliza and her infamous Minnick Method clashed with nearly everyone. The only one who seemed to truly enjoy her was Arizona. Her days at Grey Sloan were tumultuous at best, but she finally pushed people too far when she didn't alert authorities about an endangered resident, and since the residents were her job, well, she ended up losing hers. So long, Minnick.

3. Character Who NEEDS Better Screentime - Alex

Character Who NEEDS Better Screentime - Alex
Honestly, how many times has Alex been put into a slot like this? We've lost count. Season 13 was SUPPOSED to be the season of Originals. While that failed on multiple levels, the worst of it was how underutilized Alex was. It's true that he dealt with the trial at the beginning of the season, but he virtually disappeared for the rest of it. The show went multiple episodes without even seeing or mentioning him. The back half of the season he abruptly tracked down Jo's husband in the most erroneous storyline in a season chocked full of them, but nothing came from it. He barely had a line in the season finale. Hopefully, he will not find himself in this category again next season.

4. Character Who Has Grown On Us - Nathan

Character Who Has Grown On Us - Nathan
Nathan has gone from the arrogant outcast to a great doctor, yes, but a supportive friend. His persistent pursuit of Meredith was offputting at times, but he made up for it in his softer, serious moments. He was supportive of Meredith processing her grief, but also, he has proven to be a great, supportive friend to Maggie despite the love triangle issue, and he's been on better terms with Owen as well. We got to peel back the layers of Nathan Riggs, and now that Megan has returned, we expect to see even more. Looking forward to it!

5. Most Out of Character - Arizona

Most Out of Character - Arizona
The Arizona we're most familiar with checked out earlier in the season, sometime after comforting DeLuca upon his return to the hospital. We haven't seen much of the woman that we love since. She was inconsistent and flaky all season. Not to mention the majority of her relationship with Eliza had her inexplicably coming across like a total horn-dog. She was amazing in season 12. What happened to the Arizona who stuck by her set of morals and was protective of her friends? We're not used to Arizona appearing so one-dimensional.

6. MVP of the Season - Ben

MVP of the Season - Ben
Through the good, bad, and annoying, there was one character that consistently shined every single time. That character was Ben Warren. He became a bit of an audience surrogate saying exactly what we were probably yelling at the screen and reacting the same way we were reacting. Whether it was being brutally honest with his colleagues, calling his wife out on her mistakes, rocking his surgeries with virtually no help, or running into a burning building to save his friend, Ben Warren was a rockstar all season long. Somebody had to be the mature one around there.

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