Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Report Card: Best Episode, Worst Sendoff, MVP, & More!

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7. Character Who Still Isn't Put to Good Use - DeLuca

Character Who Still Isn't Put to Good Use - DeLuca
Please, my lovelies, enjoy this gif of dancing DeLuca while I stop pinching the bridge of my nose and sighing long enough to elaborate. Once again, I have to put Andrew into this type of category because it's like the writers don't know what to do with him at all. Ironically, even with the addition of his sister (who also struggled with cohesive storytelling and screentime when she wasn't with Arizona), we know very little about Andrew DeLuca. So this isn't a case of there not being any story to tell or nothing left to do with his character. This is a case of all this potential being wasted away for some inexplicable reason.

Jeebus, DeLuca's character development for the season went downhill the second they introduced and subsequently sidelined him with Sam. Their storage room trysts and "love-hate-lust" whatever the hell it was relationship wasn't the least bit interesting and was hollow. They were transition scenes in between more important stuff. It remained surface level at best, so by the time Sam was dodging ICE and leaving the country, it didn't pack the emotional punch it should have because we didn't know much about, didn't see, nor did we care about their relationship. DeLuca's moping after that wasn't even comical. It was annoying.

He did improve professionally this season, and they seemed to remember that he's a competent doctor who used to be leagues above his peers because he truly shined in those moments when he was working with Amelia. DeLuca being brought into Meredith's home as the latest stray and lost puppy is kind of cute albeit pathetic. Anyway, I love him and want better for him. Again.

8. Favorite Scene Stealer - Zola

Favorite Scene Stealer - Zola
Fortunately this season, Meredith's kids weren't ghosts whom we never saw. Zola was the kid we saw the most, and it suited the series because she's inquisitive, wise beyond her years, and she's perfectly set up to be a future surgeon in the making. We see it often with her interactions with Maggie, making them one of the most underrated relationships of the series presently. Zola is quick to ask Meredith questions that send Meredith down a path of reflection. She has some funny lines. Every time she's onscreen, it's a delight, and she draws attention to herself in the best possible way.

Honorary Mention: Tom Koracik. The guy is hilarious. He fills up an entire room with his big personality. He comes across obnoxious and flippant on the surface, but through his arc with Kimmie and his time spent with April, we saw a deeper side to him.

9. Character Who Needs to Return ASAP - Nick Mars

Character Who Needs to Return ASAP - Nick Mars
Consider me in denial. As far as I'm concerned, the door is wide open for Scott Speedman to return to the series, and he would happily accept the invitation. They can't just introduce us to this sweet, charming doctor who takes care of his niece and made Meredith believe in love again and never bring him back. That's unacceptable! He made me swoon, OK! I don't just swoon for anyone, dammit.

It doesn't have to be a huge commitment (I say, begrudgingly). Nick is a transplant doctor from another state who is always traveling. He could pop in a time or two, maybe he and Meredith can have a long-distance flirtation. I don't know. All I know is Meredith hasn't had that much effortless instant chemistry with a guy in a long time.

10. Favorite Recurring Character - Betty

Favorite Recurring Character - Betty
Betty had a quiet entrance, but she quickly became one of the best recurring characters of the season. It was hard not to become attached to this character given Peyton Kennedy's understated performance and Betty's compelling storyline. In simplest terms, she captured our hearts. She also captured the heart of Amelia in what has become a solid storyline for Amelia's character that isn't marred by romantic implications, repeats, and self-doubt or loathing.

The poignancy of the recovering addict taking on a new role as sponsor and mentor to this teen girl isn't lost on most viewers. Also, it has led to this weird complicated feeling where you can't help but root for Betty, but you also want Owen to be happy with baby Leo. Omelia, Leo, and Betty have formed this unofficial family that is heartwarming, and maybe if we're lucky, we'll get to see more of it (and Betty) next season.

Honorary Mention: Megan Hunt. Abigail Spencer was a gem as Megan Hunt, and it sucked seeing her go so soon.

11. Intern Who Needs More Screentime - Dahlia

Intern Who Needs More Screentime - Dahlia
The intern shenanigans happening on Grey's this season brought some of that lightness and humor that Grey's had been lacking. Sometimes it worked and other times it did not. The group of interns was intriguing, but the distribution of screentime for some of them was irritating. Sam monopolized most of the intern time because of her sexcapades with DeLuca, but she was the least interesting, and Levi's shtick, while entertaining, got old and repetitive.

The thing is, of all the interns, Dahlia received the least amount of screentime and development, and most fans didn't even know her name. It was pretty damn significant that Grey's chose to add a hijab-wearing Muslim, but in not utilizing her, nor allowing her to flourish, it felt like stunt casting. Dahlia's shining moment was in Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 13: You Really Got a Hold on Me, and when she delivered her quote about wearing hijab and the true message of her faith. She has a lot to offer based on the glimpses we catch of her. She's hilarious, especially when it came to her crush on Jackson, and she has an interesting rapport with Owen that could be fruitful.

Honorary Mention: Casey, veteran, Grey's first transgender supporting character, and badass hacker. He got more screentime and development than Dahlia, and his being transgender didn't feel as much like the series was congratulating themselves on the representation despite poor follow-through, thank God, but he's far more interesting than some of the others.

Talia AKA "Hellmouth" is pretty damn funny too. Her obsession with Meredith is hilarious.

12. Best Unexpected Friendship - Meredith and Jo

Best Unexpected Friendship - Meredith and Jo
You can count this as the best mentor/mentee relationship, too. Can you believe there was a time when Meredith was unimpressed with Jo, and Jo was jealous of Meredith's friendship with Alex and influence on him? It seems like ages ago now. These two women have formed one of the best relationships on the show this season, and while one or both of them can be "meh" on their own depending on your feelings for them, together, their friendship is amazing.

Meredith was Jo's pillar of strength and support when Paul popped back up into Jo's life. She was a supportive friend, but also an incredible mentor to Jo. They displayed true sisterhood all season, and the best part about it is it had nothing to do with Alex at all. They became one of my favorite friendships of the season.

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