How 17 Jewish TV Characters Might Spend the High Holidays

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7. Dr. Isidore Latham -- Chicago Med

Dr. Isidore Latham -- Chicago Med
The only Shomer Shabbas Jew on this list, we can bet that Dr. Latham will be celebrating in traditional Jewish fashion. He will feast, fast, and spend the majority of the holiday in an Orthodox Shul. That is, of course, unless a medical emergency calls him back to the hospital. Then all bets are off. (He'll probably still fast though).

8. Zoe Hart -- Hart of Dixie

Zoe Hart -- Hart of Dixie
As one of the only two Jews living in Bluebell Alabama, Zoe is unlikely to find a holiday service to attend. However, if Sylvie and Brando decide to throw a Rosh Hashanah feast, she, Wade, and their son are sure to be invited. This is assuming she ignores the invite to her mother's dinner party in New York, which, with Zoe, is a distinct possibility.

9. Sandy Cohen -- The O.C.

Sandy Cohen -- The O.C.
We haven't seen Sandy since The O.C. ended over ten years ago. Another Jew married to a Shiksa, here's a jew who never completely forgot his roots. The show indicated that for Jewish holidays, they would go to Jewish neighbors in Orange County. Surely they have continued that tradition in Berkley. Here's hoping for a happy new year for all our favorite Cohen's!

10. Willow Rosenberg -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Willow Rosenberg -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
While Willow was Jewish at the beginning of the show, her foray into witchcraft may lead her to identify as Wicca now. Still, if her family invites her for a holiday meal, she may oblige, assuming that a) Her parents are still alive and b) there is no apocalypse to divert. We could assume that her family made it safely out of Sunnydale and that Willow is living a happy life in retirement from monster hunting, but knowing the Buffyverse as we do, this seems optimistic.

11. Paris Geller -- Gilmore Girls

Paris Geller -- Gilmore Girls
Newly divorced Paris could probably use a happy holiday, but if what we remember of the Gellers is accurate, she is unlikely to get it with her family. She, the kids, and her parents are sure to have a tense meal full of family drama. We're guessing Paris just wants the New Year's celebration over with so she can return to work. But we're rooting for her to have a good year. Maybe if she relaxes a bit, she'll meet a nice Jewish boy at Shul.

12. Ziva David -- NCIS

Ziva David -- NCIS
So, let's pretend for a second that Ziva did not die in the finale of the 13th season. She's not the most religious, but she is a proud Israeli, and would probably feel obligated to do something. Given her family is estranged, and for good reason, she may choose to spend the holiday with her adopted family, her NCIS team. Of course Tony and Tali would be there with her, and maybe the three of them would have a nice quiet dinner. If only this were the reality, right?

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