iZombie Brain Bits: No Wedding and Three Funerals!

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It's getting real!

From the beginning of the season, iZombie Fanatics were eager to find out how the series would wrap up everything it has built for half a decade.

While much of the season has been inconsistent, iZombie Season 5 Episode 10 was one of the best of the season, and that continued into iZombie Season 5 Episode 11.

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We felt the high-stakes of New Seattle with multiple deaths and a clear sign the Z-squad are going to war.

But was it too little too late? With two installments left of the series, and the show throwing more plots at us during the final hours, it's evident iZombie was too ambitious. 

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However, it maintained its charm and produced an action-packed, strong hour. 

If you need to catch up before the final episodes, you can watch iZombie online here via TV Fanatic! 

1. Life's a Drag, B!tch!

Life's a Drag, B!tch!
Liv gave us her best Drag Race energy on the brain of a drag queen whose real name was Michael. It was one of the season's best brains and showed off Rose McIver's versatility yet again. The show also managed to be authentic in their portrayal without necessarily making a mockery of the field, which seems to be difficult for most series.

It was a matter of old versus new, with the OG drag queens at odds with the newbies with different styles and methodologies. Bitchcraft had a kickass name, but she was an arrogant bitch. She talked herself into being a suspect before Clive and Liv could rule her out.

She was so full of herself, but it should have been evident she was the red herring because of how obvious a choice she was. Although, it would have been funny if the killer was one of her fans, affectionately referred to as 'hags." Was anyone getting Gaga and her monsters vibes?

2. They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot

They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot
Mike's business partner Gary was the one who killed Mike and framed Bitchcraft. He was pissed off about Mike giving into the good old gentrification and planning to sell their beloved club to a developer who wanted to turn it into a parking lot. Honestly, this is why we cannot have nice things. There are no drag shows in prison, Gary. And everyone wears the same color. Now THAT'S a drag.

3. Rajor FEELS!

Rajor FEELS!
Bless this show for giving us some quality Rajor before the series came to an end. It's only the best bromance of the entire series. There can never be enough of Major and Ravi, and while Major should have had a million other things to be doing outside of a mission with his bestie, I'll allow it for the aforementioned FEELS.

This team-up suited both of them because of their interest in saving these kids. Ravi felt like he failed the Fraylich children and that he couldn't protect them, and Major has a long history of not being able to save the kids he cares about. The two of them orchestrating a breakout for the kids held captive was a way of finally giving both of them a necessary win.

4. Breakout Kings

Breakout Kings
Ravi is a professional getaway driver at this point. They're so paternal too. What did the series gain from introducing so many kids and teens during this season though? Liv's secret post has become a full-blown orphanage, and there can't possibly be enough space let alone people to accomodate and take care of them. Fraylich kids staying with the zombie kids would be a bit of a problem, wouldn't it?


5. No Wedding and a Funeral

No Wedding and a Funeral
Rajor rescuing the Fraylich kids and essentially blowing up Blaine's human smuggling was a win for them, but, unfortunately, Darcy and Don E paid a price for it in some way. We're confident Blaine killed Darcy, right? I know she was sick, but she didn't just die of natural causes, and the timing was too coincidental.

For some reason, it felt like Blaine should've known about Don E selling brains behind his back. What did he think was going on? He really bought what Major told him during their last exchange?

I don't know when we reached a point where we wanted Don E to find happiness when he's no saint either, but he has become such a lovable character who deserved better. I'm devastated for him. Poor Darcy!

6. FINISH Him!

The only acceptable end to Blaine is death. What's scary is the city could very well still be nuked, or too many warring sides could plot something that destroys them all, but Blaine needs to die. There is no way around this. He is long past redemption, and his arc has gotten repetitive. We're right back to a nefarious, heartless Blaine with no regard for anyone including those people who are supposed to be close to him.

Blaine flipped his sh!t because that rich former zombie was killed before he had a chance to pay Blaine for the fraylic kid brain he sold him. Then he got his revenge on Don E for having the audacity to move on while Blaine was being a selfish jackass by killing Darcy. There is no bottom to Blaine; I have never been more ready to see him die, and the way casualties are piling up, maybe his chances of being one is high.

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