Magnum P.I.: What's New, What's Not, and Why You Should Be Watching

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Magnum, P.I., was one of the shows I used to watch with my grandmother (along with The Love Boat and Fantasy Island), and, as you can imagine, is one I hold extremely sacred.

Even if you weren't around when the original Magnum, P.I. aired in the 80s, you no doubt are familiar with the iconic role played by super hunky Tom Selleck. The sexy mustache and his infamous Hawaiian shirts will forever be remembered in the annals of classic TV.

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When word of a reboot made the rounds, it was easy to do a hard eye-roll at the idea of yet another classic show being updated for a modern audience. I will admit I was skeptical up until a few weeks ago when I finally sat down to watch the premiere and discovered that this new Magnum is a hell of a lot of fun!

Created by Eric Guggenheim and Peter Lenkov (the guy behind the successful reboots of Hawaii-Five-O and MacGyver), the new Magnum P.I. features some major changes but doesn't stray too far from the original that it leaves you scratching your head as to why they bothered bringing it back to life in the first place.

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Keep reading to find out What's New, What's Not, and Why You Should Be Watching the new Magnum P.I.

Magnum P.I. Season 1 Episode 1 airs Monday, September 24 at 9/8c on CBS! Be sure to check back here for our reviews and to share your thoughts on Magnum and friend's weekly adventures!




1. Magnum is Still Hot...Even Without the Famous Mustache

Magnum is Still Hot...Even Without the Famous Mustache
Hawaii's quintessential private investigator now sports facial scruff instead of a glorious mustache, but that doesn't make him any less sexy. Jay Hernandez brings his own brand of charm to the role made famous by Tom Selleck, and with his dazzling smile, how can you not fall in love with Thomas Magnum all over again?

2. Speaking About The Famous Mustache...

Speaking About The Famous Mustache...
If series creators Eric Guggenheim and Peter M. Lenkov would have decided to cast the new Magnum with a similar looking Tom Selleck mustache, it would have been nothing more than a slap in the face to the original. No one can carry off a mustache like Tom Selleck can and messing with perfection would have been fruitless...and a major fail. We're happy the creators decided to go a different route.

3. The OG Magnum Gave the Reboot His Blessing

The OG Magnum Gave the Reboot His Blessing
Tom Selleck shared his feelings about the reboot with TV Insider and TV Guide Magazine back in June. According to Selleck, when the reboot was given a go, series co-creator Peter Lenkov and CBS TV Studios president David Stapf met with Selleck to gauge his feelings about it. They told him if he wasn't comfortable with it, the reboot would be canned. That's classy in itself, but what's better is that Selleck gave his blessing. While he said he won't be making a cameo in the reboot, there's always hope he might be persuaded eventually. After all, his current series Blue Bloods and the Magnum PI reboot both air on CBS!

4. Higgins is a Woman...and She Kicks Ass

Higgins is a Woman...and She Kicks Ass
All reboots call for some sort of updates otherwise what would be the point? The one we're most excited about is Higgins, Masters' estate majordomo, who was played masterfully in the original by John Hillerman. Higgins is still British, but this time around she's a woman and former MI:6 agent. Played by Perdita Weeks, it's clear that Higgins is going to be a force to be reckoned with -- for both the bad guys and Magnum.

5. TC is Still a Helicopter Pilot

TC is Still a Helicopter Pilot
Theodore "TC" Calvin could always be relied on to get Magnum out of the toughest jams with his exceptional flying skills, and we imagine Stephen Hill's take on the role formerly played by Roger Mosley will be just as inspired. TC still owns Island Hoppers, a helicopter touring company, and his beloved chopper still has the same paint job which we love!

6. Rick is Still a Goofball

Rick is Still a Goofball
Orville "Rick" Wright always provided comic relief and by the looks of it, Zachary Knighton's version of the role originally played by Larry Manetti is going to be a blast. Rick owns Oahu's coolest nightclub and is the most connected man on the island. He's also one of Magnum's most trusted buddies, always lending a helping hand on all of Magnum's crazy adventures.

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