Manifest Unmasked: Church of the Returned, James Griffin, and a New Layer to Flight 828

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To be brutally honest, Manifest Season 1 Episode 14 felt like a bit of a cop-out. 

Much of the drama surrounded Adrian and his Church of the Returned, but other than him being a con-artist and wolf in sheep's who scammed naive people out of their money, it didn't feed much into the main storyline. 

I really thought that the "wolf" comment would be connected to Cal and Zeke's calling, but alas, I was wrong.

We're hurling questions with each passing episode, but the writers are dodging them left and right. 

The whole series, much like Cal, is an enigma.

And while the mystery is what's supposed to hold our interest, the longer we go without any clues, the more confused and uninterested we become. 

How are you keeping up?

Let's dissect the big breakthroughs of "Upgrade."

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1. The Wolf

The Wolf
Zeke and Cal both shared a calling of an angry wolf attacking them. Cal was wary about drawing what he saw out of fear that it would come true, but he didn't realize that his drawings were predictions that could warn them all about what's to come.

2. It's Coming

It's Coming
Cal always gives some ominous warnings, but I'll be honest, I didn't think "he's coming" would have anything to do with another person who mysteriously returned from the dead. Nor did I think that the passenger would be in the van pulled out from the river. After seeing Cal's drawing, I braced myself for impact but was still startled when the man jolted awake. So who is this man? How did he survive? Why Mick? And why does he knew so much about the callings in the promo? So much for staying undercover.

3. Why Zeke?

Why Zeke?
Cal's calling about the wolf made sense because he is the "chosen one" and could warn Mick, but why did Zeke see the wolf? Was it because he was at Mick's house? Is it because he shares some kind of connection with her? Does it have to do with the Gemini sign in the cave?

4. There's More of Them

There's More of Them
Up until now, we were led to believe that we should trust Zeke because he's just like the passengers of Flight 828. However, in the promo for Manifest Season 1 Episode 15, James seems rather sketchy, and Ben suggests maybe they were wrong about everything. Could Zeke and James actually be dangerous? Are the callings threatening instead?

5. Electrical Storm

Electrical Storm
Did anyone else hear Mick and Jared's boss mention an electrical storm that caused the van to go into the water in the first place? They really glossed over it, and I followed suit, but when Cal's drawing was finally revealed, I instantly remembered that moment and realized we'd be unveiling a new "survivor." And truthfully, this electrical is the only thing that happened in all three occurrences.

6. Church of the Returned

Church of the Returned
What was the point of this damn Church other than to show that some of the passengers would do anything to make a quick buck? No wonder there are folks out there who hate the passengers of Flight 828, think they are freaks, and throw bricks through their windows. How can you openly lie to people like that? How can you give them false hope? Adrian was way too eager to collect his money from the parishioners eating up all his bullshit.

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Manifest Season 1 Episode 14: "Upgrade"
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