Roseanne: 40 (FORTY!!) NEW Photos To Get You Excited!!

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We're less than a month away before Roseanne comes back on our screens. This has been the year of re-boots, and it's a genius idea to bring Roseanne back. 

When Roseanne makes her triumphant return, we need to forget the final season of the series which, from what I can tell, will be extremely easy for the entire fanbase. Who would have been on board with a reboot of Roseanne if Dan had actually been dead? No one. 

With the return of the show there will be a lot of familiar faces and themes that made people fall in love with Roseanne in the first place. In the three episodes we have seen, characters will deal with being their true selves and a possible addiction. It's clear they aren't going to sugarcoat anything with this reboot. 

Check out the following pictures from the first three episodes of Roseanne, and let us know what you think. 

Who are you looking forward to seeing? What are your expectations for the series? How do you feel about so many shows getting a second chance at life?

Sound off in the comments below and be here with us on March 27 to talk about Roseanne after one-hour premiere!

1. Becky's Deep Cleaning - Roseanne

Becky's Deep Cleaning - Roseanne
Becky works hard at trying to get all the dirt, and grime, off the table before the surrogate comes to the house.

2. Becky Cleaning - Rosanne - Roseanne

Becky Cleaning - Rosanne - Roseanne
Becky must want something considering she never cleans.

3. Roseanne, Darlene And Becky - Roseanne

Roseanne, Darlene And Becky - Roseanne
Roseanne and Darlene give commentary as Becky tries to straighten up. Have they figured out what she is after?

4. Becky And Darlene - Roseanne

Becky And Darlene - Roseanne
Becky tries to keep up a lie by introducing Darlene as her older sister. Will she get in Andrea's good graces?

5. Andrea, Roseanne, And Becky - Roseanne

Andrea, Roseanne, And Becky - Roseanne
Sarah Chalke comes back to play the role of Andrea. A woman who is looking for a surrogate.

6. Surrogacy Explained - Roseanne

Surrogacy Explained - Roseanne
Roseanne makes a crass joke about Becky sleeping with Andrea's husband to get pregnant. Thankfully Jackie is there to help explain the whole procedure.

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Roseanne Quotes

Dan: Candyman's home babe.
Roseanne: Oh, my favorite, drugs! What happened to the rest of our candy?
Dan: Funny story. Our insurance don't cover what it use to so I got the drugs for twice the price.

Roseanne: Dan! Dan!
Dan: What? What happened?
Roseanne: I thought you were dead!
Dan: I'm sleeping! Why does everybody always think I'm dead?
Roseanne: You looked happy. I thought maybe you moved on.