Scandal Season 3 Promotional Photos

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Scandal returns Thursday, Feb 27th on ABC. Until then, we'll have to tide ourselves over with these stunning promotional photos of the cast. 


1. Looking Around Every Corner

Looking Around Every Corner
Will Olivia have to look around every corner in fear of her mother or will she simply hunt her down? Scandal returns Thursday, Feb. 27th on ABC.

2. Completely Put Together

Completely Put Together
The love of her life is married and the President of the United States. Her mother's a terrorist. And we won't even mention her father. Yet somehow Olivia Pope always looks completely put together. How does she do it?

3. We Have No Idea

We Have No Idea
We have no idea what Olivia Pope is thinking. What we do know is that she looks stunning in this gorgeous trench coat.

4. Baby Huck

Baby Huck
They don't call her baby Huck for nothing but has Quinn gone too far on Scandal?

5. In Bed with B-613

In Bed with B-613
Quinn's now in bed with Charlie, literally. How much intel will she give him on her fellow Gladiators on Scandal?

6. Love Her or Hate Her

Love Her or Hate Her
Some love her, some hate her. Either way we certainly wouldn't get in Mellie's way. Scandal returns Thursday, Feb. 27th on ABC.

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