12 Totally Scandalous Moments from Scandal

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Check out our 12 most scandalous moments from the first half of Scandal Season 3.

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1. Fitz Leaks Olivia's Name to the Press

Fitz Leaks Olivia's Name to the Press
When Olivia's name was leaked as the woman having an affair with the President, speculation swirled about who spilled the beans. With all eyes on Mellie as the culprit, we were shocked to find out that Fitz outed his own mistress. Why? He wanted to free her from the secret and out maneuver the First Lady. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out exactly as he had hoped.

2. Olivia Asks Fitz to Save Jake

Olivia Asks Fitz to Save Jake
Seriously, Liv went to her former lover (the President, who's still crazy about her) to get her most recent lover, Jake out of the deep dark hole where her father is holding him captive. Talk about desperate times...

3. Huck Kills For Command Once Again

Huck Kills For Command Once Again
Just when we thought he was out...Huck actually has the chance to take out Eli Pope and ends up killing for him instead! Those must be some incredibly powerful triggers they've drilled into Huck's warped brain. That makes us wonder, who else would he kill for Command?

4. Fitz Killed Olivia's Mother

Fitz Killed Olivia's Mother
Well, sort of. It was Papa Pope who issued the order to blow a commercial airliner out of the sky but Fitz was the military pilot charged with carrying it out. Little did he know that his future true love's mother was supposedly on board.

5. Big Jerry Rapes Mellie

Big Jerry Rapes Mellie
Before Fitz even ran for Governor, Big Jerry got drunk and raped Mellie. She kept it quiet and used it to control the arrogant, bully. Why? Because she loved Fitz and believed in their future and she knew the truth would ruin him.

6. Quinn Kills

Quinn Kills
Riding the adrenaline rush of her new found hobby (aka torture), Quinn teamed up with Charlie for a little fun. Little did she realize the plan included having her execute a security guard. And thanks to digital surveillance, Charlie has the proof to hold over her head.

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