11 Most Iconic Scream Queens Season 1 Deaths

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The Chanels are almost back, idiot hookers!

Scream Queens Season 1 introduced us to so many memorable characters. In particular, each of the various Chanels, Denise Hemphill, and Chad Radwell were all consistent sources of brilliant one-liners and ridiculously hammy reaction shots. The series' screwball, zany brand of meta-horror was great, but it was really the hilarious characters (and their whipsmart dialogue) who got us into the show.

Unfortunately, this being Scream Queens, several of those characters kicked the bucket over the course of the first season.

While several of the deaths were not as exciting or memorable – either because we simply didn't care about the killed-off character or because the method of death wasn't particularly outlandish – there were more than a few that have remained engrained in our memories, nearly a full year later.

In honor of the return of Scream Queens, here's a look back at the 11 most iconic deaths throughout the first season!

Scream Queens Season 2 returns on Tuesday, September 20th at 9/8c.

1. Agatha Bean

Agatha Bean
Cause of death: Head in the deep fryer
Murderer: Chanel Oberlin (and Hester Ulrich as the Red Devil)
Poor Ms. Bean. She was the unwitting victim of a prank gone wrong, when Hester (as the Red Devil) secretly turned on the deep fryer before Chanel put her prank into action.

2. Sonya Herfmann ("Chanel #2")

Sonya Herfmann ("Chanel #2")
Cause of death: Stabbed
Murderer: Red Devil (Boone Clemens)
Chanel #2 was pretty fab, but she met what was possibly the most hilarious and over-the-top demise of the season. At least she had the chance to livetweet her own murder!

3. Tiffany DeSalle ("Deaf Taylor Swift")

Tiffany DeSalle ("Deaf Taylor Swift")
Cause of death: Head run over by lawn mower
Murderer: Red Devil (Boone Clemens)
Tiffany didn't stand a chance. For one thing, she was buried up to her neck on the lawn, along with her fellow Kappa Kappa Tau pledges. For another, she couldn't even tell whether the others were screaming or singing until it was far too late. Head, meet lawn mower.

4. Shondell Washington

Shondell Washington
Cause of death: Knife to the throat
Murderer: Red Devil (Boone Clemens)
We knew basically nothing about Shondell, but her death DID give us the iconic line "Shondell, why you got a knife in yo' throat?!" and set Denise off on her mission to uncover the killer's identity.

5. Aaron Cohen ("Coney the Cone Mascot")

Aaron Cohen ("Coney the Cone Mascot")
Cause of death: Decapitated with chainsaw
Murderer: Red Devil (Boone Clemens)
Dude was killed while wearing an ice cream cone mascot costume. Enough said.

6. Dodger

Cause of death: Stabbed in the gut with hedge shears
Murderer: Red Devil (Boone Clemens)
Chanel #5 was made to choose between her twin boyfriends and chose Roger over dearly departed Dodger. Sucks to be Dodger, but his death did give us this great visual reference to The Shining.

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