Sense8: 75 Sense8tional Moments from the Series Finale!

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7. I Feel You

I Feel You
It's not Sense8 if the cluster doesn't find themselves jamming to a kickass song, and there was no way in hell the show was saying farewell without a jam session that took place in two different places. Riley is the Queen of orchestrating a playlist for her family, and Depeche Mode's "I Feel You" fit the bill.

8. Sod Off!

Sod Off!
Long live the resistance! One of the best things about the cluster is that they have a network of allies and friends who are willing to have their backs no matter what. When Riley called in a favor from a former lover, she was 100% game to help Riley out no questions asked. Screw the man and all that good stuff!

9. Smitten Sun

Smitten Sun
Sun spent so long feeling like she was incapable of love and hiding her longing for it behind stoicism and discipline. When she found out Detective Mun had recovered from his gunshot wound, she couldn't help reaching out via a burner phone, and then conveniently leaving it on so he could track her down. Their phone call was so positively adorable it can't be described.

10. Making a Promise

Making a Promise
Amanita revealed something very dear to her about Paris and its importance, but what made the scene better was Nomi reassuring her that they would all end up OK in the end and they will live out Amanita's dream. The beautiful backdrop of the Eiffel Tower heightened the intimacy of the moment. So many feels.

11. Hernando the Schemer

Hernando the Schemer
Hernando appears like a sweet intellectual on the surface, but he happens to be the person who comes up with the best shady ideas. What made the Sense8 finale so awesome was watching all of the homo sapiens who are viewed as inferior to the majority of the sensate world work side by side with the sensates they love and sometimes come up with the best plans of them all. Intellectually inferior they are not, and Hernando always steals a scene with his knowledge and warmth.

12. Cluster Dad

Cluster Dad
Will has taken over as leader of their cluster and in a way, he plays the role of "big brother" and dad, right down to his dad sneakers. With so many different personalities interconnected as one, someone has to take charge, and when Will talks, the others can't help but listen. Will plotting how to save one of their own and getting everyone onboard was an awesome moment.

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