Sense8: 75 Sense8tional Moments from the Series Finale!

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13. Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang
There was no way in hell Sense8 was going to end without giving us one of those awesome Sun and Capheus scenes. They were two members of the cluster who bonded instantly and made an unlikely pair at that. They balanced one another out in a way, and Capheus' sunshiny persona always rubbed off on Sun and made her feel good. Capheus had a good feeling and Sun had to recognize it with a fist bump. These two are adorable!

14. Love Bug

Love Bug
Bug is one of the most lovable non-sensates out of the bunch. There was no one else better suited to walk Nomi down the aisle and give her away to Amanita on their wedding day. He was a constant support to Nomi since his introduction, and he's probably as big of a shipper of those two as the rest of us.

15. What the F**K, Puck?

What the F**K, Puck?
Puck was back and as weird as ever. If you don't recall, he had a bit too much fun borrowing Riley's aesthetic with the bleach blond hair with the blue streak. Well, once he met Sun, he was inspired to do something new. Of course, he went and channeled her for his new look.

16. Wolfgang Accepts His Family

Wolfgang Accepts His Family
It was a mark of character growth and development that Wolfgang took the time to thank everyone who came to rescue him. He spent most of his life feeling like he was alone and unworthy of love with only Felix by his side. Now, he knows that he has a huge family of people who will fight and die for him, and it's foreign and overwhelming to him.

17. Emotional Sun

Emotional Sun
Sun crying over Wolfgang's "thank you" speech was very special because she and Wolfgang shared a similar quality of being stoic and emotionally distant for their own protection. It was as if at that moment she realized that both of them had a family and could be happy.

18. Science Geek

Science Geek
There is no end to ways Kala's intellect is put to use, and that is part of what makes Sense8 so great. It's a point of amusement that one of the sweetest, soft-spoken characters is the queen of making bombs and blowing ish up. In this case, the bomb she made was of the stink variety, and she certainly succeeded.

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