The 100: 17 Season 6 Character Death Predictions

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7. Josephine Lightbourne

Josephine Lightbourne
Josephine could say she is always one step ahead, and yet the truth is she hasn't truly met Clarke Griffin. The chances of Josephine surviving in her body when Clarke (and her friends) will stop at nothing for her to have full control back is slim to none. And in some twisted way, Josephine is one of the villains this season, so she needs to watch her back and her USB drive.

8. Russell and Simone Lightbourne

Russell and Simone Lightbourne
There's really only so many ways that this could end. Russell and Simone were a threat to Clarke and they aren't friends with the others. Either they are somehow brought back as their host bodies, which doesn't sound possible, or they might be facing their own deaths soon. It's only fair, right?

9. Xavier

This is the last death we could want, but someone has to be realistic. Xavier is a guest star who we don't know much about unless he is serving Octavia's storyline. It isn't a shock to have MOC that only appear to contribute to Octavia, but that also means knowing how this pattern ends.

Hopefully, Xavier comes with enough of a Sanctum twist that he has to stay, so consider this just light preparation for the possibility.

10. Abby Griffin

Abby Griffin
Similar to Kane, it has become almost impossible for Abby to have a true story for herself that holds up. This may correct itself this season but so far all of her screentime is closely attached to a character who isn't even on the screen, which works for some but not for everyone. This is a character that doesn't feel like she is heading for a true death watch, and yet maybe she should be.

11. The Flame

The Flame
This is long overdue, like a new planet and 125 years into the future overdue. The Flame is more of a thorn in the show's storytelling than anything else. It served any purpose it could have had at least two seasons ago and now it just drags itself around for the sake of mythology continuity or to be used as a Lexa mention inspiration.

Not only could The Flame disappear this season, it desperately needs to because it is a distraction at best these days.

12. Sanctum USB Drives

Sanctum USB Drives
Having a second blue chip that brings up nothing but destruction and not so realistic housing for humans that should be long gone by now is just pushing it. The fact that a planet far from Earth made the same stupid mistake to follow the belief of some piece of plastic is one thing, but the danger it is causing is another. Burn them all down.

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