The 100: 21 Times (Zeke) Shaw Made Us Smile

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One of the brightest highlights of The 100 Season 5 was without a doubt the introduction of (Zeke) Shaw into our lives. 

Not only did he fall in love with and treat Raven exactly like fandom knew she deserved, but he was also a character that stood out all on his own.

There is so much potential in the way his loyalty favored the innocent and the options that have opened up now that he teamed up with the main characters.

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But there are those moments where you just want to look at some lovely scenes that (Zeke) Shaw stole the show in, especially because watching The 100 and smiling doesn't usually go together.

The fact that (Zeke) Shaw was able to achieve exactly that makes him a character to look out for when you watch The 100 online

Here is a slideshow dedicated to all the best moments that we have shared with (Zeke) Shaw so far. 

1. When (Zeke) Shaw just existed

When (Zeke) Shaw just existed
This is a human that The 100 let us meet and for that, we are forever grateful. This also helps distract us when we wonder about (Zeke) Shaw's faith during The 100 Season 6.

2. When (Zeke) Shaw was adorably joining the group

When (Zeke) Shaw was adorably joining the group
Trying to fit in with his girlfriend's friends was just as adorable as it was smile worthy.

3. When (Zeke) Shaw arrived just in time

When (Zeke) Shaw arrived just in time
(Zeke) Shaw coming when we least expected him to make sure everyone survived was what will always make us happy.

4. When (Zeke) Shaw smiled

When (Zeke) Shaw smiled
Getting us to smile includes being happy as well, and (Zeke) Shaw achieved exactly that.

5. When (Zeke) Shaw said what we were thinking

When (Zeke) Shaw said what we were thinking
Not to be that person but hearing about how (Zeke) Shaw was going to get killed got old really fast. Having him confront this unorganized back and forth mess was exactly why he is so perfect.

6. When (Zeke) Shaw was kissed by Raven

When (Zeke) Shaw was kissed by Raven
Raven taking charge and finally kissing (Zeke) Shaw made everything wonderful.

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Lexa: My fight is over.
Clarke: No, I won't accept that.
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Clarke: You are my family, too. I lost sight of that. But I promise I will never forget it again. You're too important to me.