50 Best Scenes from The 100 Season 5

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There is no doubt that The 100 Season 5 started plenty of conversations, especially the way each story unfolded. But now that some time has passed since The 100 Season 5 Episode 13 aired, it seems only fitting to go back and focus on which scenes were some of the best.

There were many standalone moments or conversations that were a lovely addition to the season, with some of them even holding promise of what should come during The 100 Season 6 of the show. 

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With a lot left unsaid between characters, it is not only a good idea but a necessary one to focus on all that there wasn't time for throughout The 100 Season 5 when all attention was on the plot. 

If you watch The 100 online, you can enjoy a slideshow that compiles all the best scenes from the season that still hold weight and helps The 100 Season 5 be remembered in a different light.

1. Indra and Gaia Proving That They Are The Iconic Mother/Daughter Duo That We've Been Waiting For

Indra and Gaia Proving That They Are The Iconic Mother/Daughter Duo That We've Been Waiting For
Indra and Gaia were this season's most underrated mother and daughter duo, their relationship with one another was loving and inspiring. The depiction of Indra's love for her daughter had its moments of emotion but more importantly, it was rooted in fierce thinking. Indra thought about what choices were necessary to keep her child safe, she prioritized exactly that and it provided an amazing example of a mother doing anything to protect her daughter,

2. That Platonic Transition That Surpassed Time and Space

That Platonic Transition That Surpassed Time and Space
There is nothing subtle about Clarke looking up into space hoping Bellamy was there and Bellamy looking down to Earth not even knowing that he was looking at Clarke. But this feels like something fans would envision happening throughout the time jump, that fact that it was actually created into such a seamless transition was a lovely surprise.

3. Monty and Clarke Finding Time To Hang Out

Monty and Clarke Finding Time To Hang Out
The 100 Season 5 struggled the most with allowing its characters to talk instead of having them shape the plot, so it was all about enjoying the small hints of something more. Getting to see Monty and Clarke spend time together, it wasn't always easy but it was reminiscent of the days when they were working together and becoming a family. Their little adventure where they discovered the worms was a wonderful pair up, and the fact that Clarke wanted to do better had to play a part in why later Monty and Harper trusted Bellamy and Clarke the most when it came to being woken up by Jordan.

4. Madi and Clarke Being Soft

Madi and Clarke Being Soft
Sometimes you need to take a break from all the grim plot twists and enjoy the characters on the show caring for one another. Madi and Clarke were the best part of that, with this scene before Madi goes to her training being one of the absolute best.

5. Octavia Channeling Her Inner Fandom

Octavia Channeling Her Inner Fandom
This Octavia and Bellamy fight felt so reminiscent for us because it was almost like it was directly lifted off The 100 Twitter feed. Octavia referenced every argument that fans were making and there is just something very validating, even if it was dropped as quickly as it was picked up.

6. Zeke and Raven Introducing Us To Comfort Relationship Goals

Zeke and Raven Introducing Us To Comfort Relationship Goals
Raven having a rough day means the day must have ended in the letter Y. But in all that chaos it was with Zeke that she managed to find the comfort that she deserved, more importantly, someone looking out for her and her needs. Zeke's love for Raven was always such a selfless awareness that she was incredible and should be made aware of that. Even when they were fighting, Zeke was there to listen and help handle the pain that Raven was going through when Abby electrocuted her.

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