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Looking for scoop on The 100?

Watch these cast interviews now!

1. Bobby Morley Set Interview

Bobby Morley stars on The 100. We sit down here with him on the set of that CW drama.

2. Lindsey Morgan Set Interview

Lindsey Morgan gets us ready for The 100 in this interview with the actress on the show's set.

3. Eliza Taylor Set Interview

Eliza Taylor helps anchor The 100. We sat down with the actress on the set of that series in Vancouver.

4. Marie Avgeropoulos Set Interview

Marie Avgeropoulos plays a key role on The 100. She talks up the new CW drama in this Q&A on set.

5. Thomas McDonell Set Q&A

Thomas McDonell stars on The 100. What can we expect from this CW drama? Watch and find out now.

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The 100
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The 100 Quotes

Lexa: My fight is over.
Clarke: No, I won't accept that.
Lexa: You were right, Clarke. Life is about more than just surviving.
Clarke: In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey on the ground... May we meet again.

Jaha: No pain, no hate, no envy.
Murphy: No thanks.
Jaha: John...
Murphy: No. Pain, hate, envy. Those are the ABCs of me. You get rid of them and there's nothing left, so why don't you get that thing out of my face?