The Best of 2014: Underutilized Characters

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7. Antoine Triplett -- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Antoine Triplett -- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Agent Antoine "Trip" Triplett, Season 2 of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Trip started out interesting and full of potential when he first appeared in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1. Unfortunately, Trip barely appears at all in Season 2 and, when he does appear, he is heavily overshadowed by all the new cast members. His death in the mid-season finale episode should have been heart-breaking and tragic, but it barely makes a ripple and pretty much came across as a mild, "Oh, well, that's too bad. But, hey, at least Mack's alive!"

8. Dorian Gray -- Penny Dreadful

Dorian Gray -- Penny Dreadful
Dorian Gray of Penny Dreadful It's tough to evenly balance out storyline's for 10 or more characters (in 8 episodes), but the fabulously intoxicating Dorian Gray was only useful when he was seducing one of the other characters. Sure that's his preternatural gift and people are unnaturally drawn to him, but who did he sign his soul away to? How did he become so ridiculously wealthy and well-connected in Victorian London? They could have at least given us a peek at the portrait no? All the first season really gave us was a truly mesmerizing performance by Reeve Carney and tons of questions about Dorian Gray for Season 2.

9. AJ Gibbs -- Review

AJ Gibbs -- Review
Megan Stevenson as AJ Gibbs on Review-On the surface, Forrest McNeil's co-host had the chipper demeanor and the wardrobe capacity of Vanna White but there were undertones of ruthless ambition that could rival Network's Diana Christensen. With only 4 or 5 lines an episode it was difficult to get a handle on her but that's not to say she didn't leave us wanting.

10. J.T. -- Beauty and the Beast

J.T. -- Beauty and the Beast
J.T. is one of the best characters on The CW. He's the glue that holds all of the others together on Beauty and the Beast and yet there were some episodes where he was left out entirely. He finally got a love interest in the incredible Tess, so now he just needs more air time when the show returns, especially since he's the biggest supporter of BaTB!

11. Cole Lockhart -- The Affair

Cole Lockhart -- The Affair
Joshua Jackson as Cole on The Affair is probably the least explored of the main characters. Considering it's his wife cheating and his brother's death at the heart of the mystery, it seems he's been given the shaft. With the considerable range Jackson showed Fringe, I can only hope his part is expanded in Season 2.

12. Ralph -- Scorpion

Ralph -- Scorpion
Ralph introduced us to the fantastic characters on Scorpion BUT he has unfortunately not been utilized as much as we all thought he would. While the show is about Walter, we would also like to hear more about Ralph and actually add a personality to the kid instead of just throwing him in during the final scene of the episode.

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