The Flash Season 3: Best Episode, Best Reveal, Biggest Heartbreak & More

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Despite its rocky start, The Flash Season 3 found its footing faster than a man named Wells could whisper, "Run, Barry, Run."

As usual, our heroes faced off against an evil speedster hell bent on ruining Barry Allen's life. Except this speedster had a unique connection with Barry.

Because he was Barry. 

We want to talk about the season's other twists, team-ups, tensions, transformations, and so much more. We've listed some of our favorite, and least favorite, moments below. 

Scroll through our choices, and then feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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1. Best Episode

Best Episode
We know its probably not fair to choose the finale, but The Flash Season 3 Episode 23, "Finish Line," deserves the title. The hour had everything. A final battle between Barry and Savitar-Barry. Iris showed off her badass skills while Caitlin reclaimed a part of herself. The team stepped up to save the day, and shared a heartbreaking goodbye. Make that two heartbreaking goodbyes. Barry finally accepted responsibility for his time manipulations, and left his friends behind to pay the price.

2. Most Disappointing Episode

Most Disappointing Episode
The Flash Season 3 Episode 14, "Attack on Central City," was billed as part two of the Gorilla arc, aka, the return of Grodd and his army. While we love Grodd, and we loved everything about the team's trip to Gorilla City, the second hour of Grodd might have been one too many. Maybe it was a budget issue, but the gorillas played far too small of a role. Most of the hour was split between H.R.'s version of Valentine's Day, Barry's frustration, and Jesse's decision to relocate. We expected more battles and less drama.

3. Best New Character

Best New Character
It's impossible not to love earth-hopping bounty hunter Gypsy. Just ask Cisco. He declared his intentions to marry her a few minutes after they met. Sign us up to attend that wedding, please. But sparkly chemistry aside, Gypsy proved herself to be a badass again and again. She never wavered in her beliefs, but she did show her softer side when she allowed H.R. to live despite his law-breaking. She showed off her excellent timing when she saved Cisco, and she helped the team more than once even though she prefers vibing solo.

4. Best New Character (Runner-Up)

Best New Character (Runner-Up)
Yes, we're cheating a bit, but we think Julian's worth it. Obviously as Harry Potter fans we were going to cheer for any character played by Tom Felton. But we were also prepared for disappointment when Julian showed up post-Flashpoint with a bad attitude, and an arrow over his head proclaiming him Dr. Alcahemy. But we were pleasantly surprised when we learned he was an unwilling pawn rather than a criminal. He joined the team, fell for Caitlin, and worked on his interpersonal skills. Plus, he dressed like Indiana Jones for a trip to meet gorilla. What's not to love?

5. Most Underused Character

Most Underused Character
Considering how much of The Flash Season 3 was spent on finding a way to save Iris' life, wouldn't it have made more sense to give the lady in question something to do? We saw Iris being reckless for a few minutes. We saw Iris being sad for a few minutes. We saw Iris being a badass for a few moments. But, mostly, we saw her standing around while those around her acted and reacted to her perilous situation. It's frustrating, to say the least, to watch the leading lady have so little to do. Especially when her life was literally on the line.

6. Biggest Head-Scratching Transition

Biggest Head-Scratching Transition
How and why did Dr. Caitlin Snow lose so much of her good sense, and non-criminal behavior, when she transformed into Killer Frost? Caitlin spent much of the season fearing her new powers, and then she succombed to her icy alter ego after her near-death experience. But we never received a clear answer as to why. Why was she the only Team Flash member to change personalities thanks to her powers? It was never explained. And considering Caitlin broke through twice, first when Julian expressed his love, and then again when she stopped herself from killing Cisco, her descent into evil makes even less sense.

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