The Flash Season 4: Everything We Want To See!

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The fastest man alive returns tonight to The CW in The Flash Season 4! After the dark ending of The Flash Season 3, the new season promises to bring back the light and humor we all fell in love with.

The Flash has already revealed several new things for its fourth year. But there is still a lot that we want to see throughout The Flash Season 4.

With The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 set to air tonight, we have put together a wishlist for what we want to see. Will any of it happen? 

They better! Go through the slides below and learn what we wish to see in The Flash Season 4!

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1. More Journalism For The Ace Reporter

More Journalism For The Ace Reporter
Iris West is already getting a bigger role in The Flash Season 4 as the new team leader. But you know what else she is really dope at? Being a journalist which we barely get to see anymore!

If Smallville could pull it off for at least four seasons of Daily Planet stuff then why can't The Flash do it? Heck, even Flash comics have been able to tie-in Iris's job as a reporter with the main plots.

One of the overall things I want this year is for all the kick-ass women to get to shine. Let them in the spotlight just as much as the boys!

2. Happiness For Cailtin Snow

Happiness For Cailtin Snow
Let's just admit it: Caitlin Snow has never had an easy time on The Flash. She has lost Ronnie Raymond twice in her life and was abused emotionally by Zoom.

Oh and then there's the whole becoming an ice queen thing. The Flash Season 4 has promised fans that Caitlin and Killer Frost fans will both be very happy this season.

But the one thing that tends to carry the character down is whenever she gets a new love interest. This year I want Caitlin to find happiness without a man in her life.

They can give her a new love interest as long as that doesn't become her only storyline. Just like Iris, Caitlin is a great character that deserves more.

I want her journey to be more about finding herself rather than finding love. Things will work out better in life when you are a complete as a person.

3. The Barry/Iris Wedding To Be A Success

The Barry/Iris Wedding To Be A Success
Superhero weddings are never easy whether it's in comics or in live-action. The Flash Season 4 has promised that we'll see Barry and Iris finally get married this year.

It will be taking place during this year's 4-show crossover titled Crisis on Earth-X. Because what would a superhero wedding be without evil versions of yourself as Nazis from a different universe crashing the party?

I'm still not over the fact that Clark Kent and Lois Lane's wedding on Smallville got crashed. That wedding got ruined because of a Darkseid-possessed Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

I guess it could have been worse since in this crossover, a bunch of Nazis will be the party poopers. Even if they have to a do-over later in the crossover, I want the wedding to still feel spectacular.

That shouldn't be too much to ask for the most iconic power couple in the DC TV Universe, right?

4. Harry Wells To Permanently Move To Earth-1

Harry Wells To Permanently Move To Earth-1
Even though we are getting a new Harrison Wells at some point this season...can't we just keep Harry Wells? Don't get me wrong, I love to see Tom Cavanagh playing multiple versions of himself.

But why can't Harry just move to Earth-1? Does he really have anything going on over at Earth-2? Probably, but how would we know.

It's fine if this new Harrison is just sticking around for a little bit. However, Harry should be the main Wells in The Flash Season 4 moving forward.

He grounds the team perfectly and who doesn't just love his banter with Cisco. Only time will tell what they will do.

5. Kid Flash To Get A Bigger Role - The Flash

Kid Flash To Get A Bigger Role - The Flash
We had plenty of Wally West as Kid Flash in The Flash Season 3. But it still didn't feel enough by the time the season ended.

While Wally still is Barry's partner, I want The Flash Season 4 to really expand his role. I get that The Flash is always going to be through Barry's perspective.

But Wally is just as great of a character as Barry is. For the longest time in DC history we saw Wally being everyone's favorite Flash.

At the very least I want The Flash Season 4 can give us more of Barry/Wally as the speedster duo. It should feel more as a partnership rather than leading hero/sidekick.

6. Speed Force To Be Less Of A Dick

Speed Force To Be Less Of A Dick
Savitar wasn't really the only villain in The Flash Season 3. The Speed Force, you know, the source of the speedster's powers, was one too.

I get the Speed Force's reasoning since Barry messed with time once or twice. But in The Flash Season 4 I want to see that force be a fair ally again.

It would just be so odd if Barry has to fear the Speed Force in the future after he gets out. I'm not saying it should be a friend to our heroes but it shouldn't be a foe either.

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