The Vampire Diaries at Comic-Con: Old Damon, New Villains and More

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We're still months away from the premiere of The Vampire Diaries Season 7 on Thursday, October 8.

But the cast and crew of our favorite CW series gathered at Comic-Con in San Diego on Sunday to tease various developments ahead, such as how Damon will return to his "naughty" ways and Lily's family will cause all sorts of problems.

What about the state of Staroline? Consider yourselves SPOILER WARNED and scroll down for plenty of TVD goodies...

1. Return of the Bad Boy

Return of the Bad Boy
Ian Somerhalder says Damon will be all kinds of "sexy, volatile, fun [and] dangerous," while Julie Plec teases that "naughty Damon" will be trying "not to be naughty."

2. The Status of Staroline

The Status of Staroline
"A lot of very unexpected twists and turns ahead for Stefan and Caroline," Plec promises, saying Caroline will be "trying really, really, really hard not to be ready" for a relationship. But it will be a challenge.

3. Choosing a Side

Choosing a Side
Enzo will reach a major decision before the season premiere is over. "It’s about choosing his allegiance," Michael Malarkey says. "Does he go with Lily and the Heretics or does he side with Damon? It’s a struggle for him."

4. So Bad, They're... REALLY Bad

So Bad, They're... REALLY Bad
Producer Caroline Dries gave props to Kai for being such a great villain and says the challenge is now to top that with the Heretics: "By bringing in Lily’s family, it’s these six villains who can do magic — and they’re vampires. It’s going to be exciting and gruesome and violent."

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