This Is Us: 17 Moments That Made You Ugly Cry

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The Pearson family sure know how to tug at the heartstrings. 

When This Is Us Season 1 first premiered, we knew we were going to be in trouble. The first episode had us wrecked, and two seasons later, the tears have not stopped. The tears were even more frequent during This Is Us Season 2.

With This Us Us Season 3 set to premiere on Sept. 26, it is the perfect time to reflect on the moments that had us sitting on our couches, cradling our knees and questioning everything about life.

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Some Pearson moments were just so beautiful; we couldn't help but cry tears of joy. Other moments were so devastating that they had us bawling our eyes out for weeks.  

Now let's grab a box of tissues, sit back and reflect on the Pearson family moments that brought out an abundance of waterworks. Don't forget to watch This Is Us online until its big return!

1. Jack's Death - "Super Bowl Sunday"

Jack's Death - "Super Bowl Sunday"
We knew the patriarch of the Pearson family was going to leave his family too soon, but we could never prepare for this episode. After much-dreaded anticipation, Super Bowl Sunday shared with audiences how exactly Jack died. In a shocking twist, Jack survives the fire in the Pearson house. He saves his wife, his kids and Kate's dog. Jack Pearson never looked more like a superhero then at this moment. It's made even more devastating when Jack dies just a couple hours later at the hospital. Almost as soon as Rebecca steps out of the room, Jack suffers a heart attack due to smoke inhalation. When the doctors give Rebecca the news, she's in denial until she sees Jack's lifeless body. She breaks down in tears, and we break down with her. Jack Pearson was too good for this world and deserved better.

2. Rebecca Loses the Third Baby - "Pilot"

Rebecca Loses the Third Baby - "Pilot"
When a show starts off with an event as devastating as this, you know you are in for an emotional journey. Audiences couldn't help falling in love with Jack and Rebecca right away, and when Rebecca goes into labor, we're hopeful for a happy ending for this couple. Yet, it's clear that isn't going to be the case when Rebecca's delivery doesn't go according to plan. Dr. K reveals to Jack that two babies were delivered successfully, but one was stillborn. It's a heartbreaking moment for the couple, but Dr. K's lemonade speech ends up turning tears of sadness to tears of joy. Jack and Rebecca took Dr. K's words to heart and turned the sourest lemon into something resembling lemonade by adopting Randall. And thus the adventures of The Big Three began.

3. Kate Let's It All Out - "Three Sentences "

Kate Let's It All Out - "Three Sentences "
Kate's journey in the first season was a hard one to watch but also a very relatable one for many. She grew up around perfection. She struggled with her weight for most of her life, but the one person that always helped her with her self-confidence was her father. When she lost him, her problems with weight gain became worse, and any confidence she once had was gone. But Kate is always so composed and strong, never letting the hurt and despair she feels on the inside come out. That is until she goes to a weight loss camp. In a class where the instructor encourages the students to let it all out, Kate does just that. She remembers the pain of being bullied as a kid for her weight and how hard it was losing her father. Kate finally breaks down and lets out a scream filled with so much pain and heartache; you can't help but feel for her.

4. Kevin's Meltdown on the Football Field - "Number One "

Kevin's Meltdown on the Football Field - "Number One "
Kevin's drug problem had gotten really bad at this point. Despite his issues back home, he decides to return to his high school where he is receiving an award. He visits the football field he used to rule as a teenager. It's at this moment he relives the day his football dreams came to an end after a brutal knee injury. Shortly after he loses his dad, who he had some problems with because he felt like he was the kid to whom nobody ever paid attention. He recalls all the times life gave him another chance, and he still screwed up. Before this scene, Kevin's problems never seemed as significant as his siblings, but it's at this moment your heart breaks for Kevin, realizing just how much pain he's been in for years. Even though Kevin never felt as close to Jack as his siblings, it's at this moment we realize they are oh, so similar.

5. Deja Says Goodbye - "Number Three"

Deja Says Goodbye - "Number Three"
In Season 2, Deja became a major part of Randall and Beth's lives. Abused by previous foster fathers, it wasn't easy for Randall to get Deja to open up to him. As time moved on and Randall told so many corny jokes, he became more like a father to her. And Randall started to realize what it was like to be his parents. Despite not being biologically related to Deja, he loved her as much as he loved his other daughters just like Jack and Rebecca loved him. It looked like Deja would become a permanent member of the Pearson family until her mom returned and Deja decided to move back in with her. Before she left, she said a final goodbye (at least that's what we thought at the time). Deja finally let Randall hug her before driving away with her mother. And when Randall lets out one single tear as Deja leaves, we can't help but cry with him.

6. Jack and Rebecca's Argument - "Moonshadow"

Jack and Rebecca's Argument - "Moonshadow"
Jack and Rebecca could very well be one of the best couples in TV history. That doesn't mean they didn't have their problems though. Jack grew up with an alcoholic father and became an alcoholic himself. In this episode, Jack's alcoholism comes to a head. A drunken Jack beats up Rebecca's bandmate and ex-boyfriend, Ben, right before their show, leaving Rebecca outraged. The two have an explosive fight over Rebecca's career, Jack's alcoholism, and the lingering issues that have been building up over the years. It's heartbreaking to watch, but the next day he reminds the world why no man is greater than Jack Pearson when he lists all the things he loves about Rebecca and tells her she is his one great love story and his big break. It left everyone asking, why can't Jack Pearson be real?

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