11 Characters Who Have the Worst Luck in Love

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How much pain can a heart take?

These 11 TV characters have fallen in love only to be left disappointed time and time again. They can't catch a break in the love department!

Their difficulties with love are all different. Whether it's betrayal, unrequited love, family interference, or death, they've gotten a raw deal when it comes to love.

Will they ever find a true love that will treat them well and love them forever?

1. Edith (Downton Abbey)

Edith (Downton Abbey)
Poor Edith. She's probably had the worst luck of the bunch. She loved Patrick, but he was bethrothed to Mary and then he died. Edith then started a relationship with Sir Anthony Strallen, but Mary drove him away. Edith's fortune seemed to improve when Patrick showed up alive after all. Was he really Patrick or a fraud? That remains unclear, but Edith was left alone again when he left because of the family's doubts. Edith and Sir Anthony Strallen got back together and were even engaged. Edith was finally in love and getting married ... until Anthony left her at the altar. Yes, she's had terrible luck in love. And, it didn't get better from there. She started seeing Michael Gregson, a newspaper man, only to find out he was already married. He decided to go to Germany to get a divorce to marry Edith. Positive, right? Not really. He disappeared in Germany and Edith's now pregnant with his child from their one night together before he left.

2. Sarah (Parenthood)

Sarah (Parenthood)
Sarah had a troubled marriage with alcoholic rocker, Seth. They got divorced and Sarah moved to her parents with her two teenage kids. Her love life had its ups and downs. She dated a much younger Mark. They almost headed down the aisle, but it wasn't meant to be. She also dabbled with dating photographer, Hank. Sarah's started to find herself, so perhaps she's ready to for another relationship and commitment now.

3. Rebekah (The Originals)

Rebekah (The Originals)
Rebekah's troubled love life started early. She fell in love with and was set to marry Alexander, a vampire hunter. When he found out she was a vampire, he staked her and her brothers. Klaus killed Alexander and that was just the beginning of her brother's involvement in her love life. In New Orleans, Rebekah and Marcel fell in love and were happy until Klaus daggered Rebekah. She had a fun summer fling with Matt, but left hm behind when she returned to New Orleans. Her relationship with Marcel has been hot and cold since her return due to their loyalty to Klaus.

4. Matt (The Vampire Diaries)

Matt (The Vampire Diaries)
Matt's such a good guy, he should have girls all over him. Matt and Elena were the perfect couple until her parents died and she broke up with him. He got close with Caroline, but when she turned into a vampire their relationship soured. He had a whirlwind summer fling with Rebekah, but that ended when she headed to New Orleans. He needs to find a nice human girl that will love him for all he has to offer!

5. Sam (Supernatural)

Sam (Supernatural)
Sam's college girlfriend, Jessica, was killed on his ceiling like his mother. Her death hit Sam hard and set him on the road with Dean. He fell for Sarah Blake, but the job took him away. She ended up married with a daughter before she was killed by Crowley. Sam met Madison and they were instantly smitten. She ended up becoming a werewolf and Sam killed her at her request. Sam had an odd relationship with Ruby. She was his ally, his lover, his Demon blood supplier, and then foe. In the end, the brothers killed her. After Dean went missing, Sam finally found happiness with Amelia, but that was short-lived too when her presumed dead husband showed up alive. She ended up chosing Sam over her husband, but Sam had already left with Dean. Sam's love life has been filled with more death than happiness.

6. Dean (Supernatural)

Dean (Supernatural)
Dean's had more hook-ups than true relationships. He recognizes the limits that his job places on his love life. He has had a few meaningful loves though. Dean's best fit for a romance would have probably been Jo, since they were both hunters. They cared deeply about each other, but never were really together before she sacrificed herself. His longest relationship was with Lisa. She went from an occassional hook-up to his love. Dean lived with her and her son when he gave up the hunter life. He tried to maintain the relationship when her returned to the job, but it put them at risk. Dean's back to the occassional hook-up that's more fitting with his lifestyle.

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