What We're Watching: April 13 - April 19

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We're heading into May sweeps, TV Fanatics! Check out what we're watching this week to make sure you don't miss any must-see TV!

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1. Dancing With the Stars - 2005

Dancing With the Stars - 2005
Although I'm not a regular watcher of the show, performances to songs from all my favorite Disney films always gets me to tune in. --Christine Orlando

2. The Originals - Night Has A Thousand Eyes

The Originals - Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Dahlia is FINALLY COMING. Finally. We've only been waiting since before Christmas. Will she be as big and bad as Freya has predicted or is Freya herself the one they should fear? We'll find out soon!

3. Justified - The Promise

Justified - The Promise
It's the series finale for Justified, and I'm excited to see whether Raylan gets to walk off into the sunset with a happy ending or if he'll meet an untimely demise. The anticipation for the end is killing me! --Sean McKenna

4. Weird Loners - Weirded Out

Weird Loners - Weirded Out
Of the three episodes we previewed, this third episode was the funniest. Is Weird Loners hitting its stride? Stay tuned after New Girl and decide for yourself by giving this quirky comedy a chance. --Amanda Festa

5. American Idol Season 14

American Idol Season 14
We lost Qaasim Middleton last week in another Idol Fan Save elimination. This week the Top 7 will take on American Classics for another round of competition.

6. The Vampire Diaries - I Could Never Love Like That

The Vampire Diaries - I Could Never Love Like That
With news that Nina Dobrev is leaving The Vampire Diaries, the stakes for Damon and the cure he now possesses have skyrocketed. Will that be how Elena leaves Mystic Falls? Will Caroline and Stefan, now humanity-less, stake her in the heart?

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