Yusuf Gatewood Previews The Originals Season 3

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Fans have been captivated by Vincent since he first hit the New Orleans scene, both because the character and the man who plays him, Yusuf Gatewood, are so intriguing. While many of us wish we could've kept both Gatewood and Daniel Sharman during The Originals Season 2, we're certainly not disappointed with his appointment to series regular.

So what's up with Vincent on The Originals Season 3? Will he continue being a mentor to Davina, and will he be able to stay away from magic? We got the chance to chat with Yusuf Gatewood during a recent set visit and we asked him those questions and more! Find out what he had to say now!

1. Yusuf Gatewood Previews The Originals Season 3

Where will The Originals Season 3 pick up for Vincent? And can he avoid the pull of darker magic? Hear the answer from Yusuf Gatewood now!

2. Yusuf Gatewood on Vincent's Alliances on The Originals Season 3

Alliances are everything in the supernatural world of New Orleans. Learn how Vincent makes some new alliances on The Originals Season 3 now!

3. Yusuf Gatewood Talks Flashbacks

Fans of The Originals love flashbacks! Will we get to see any of Vincent's past on The Originals Season 3? Yusuf Gatewood answers inside!

4. Yusuf Gatewood Talks New Faces on The Originals Season 3

Who's coming to New Orleans for The Originals Season 3? Yusuf Gatewood gives the scoop on the show's new faces! Find out who we can't miss!

5. Yusuf Gatewood: Where Is Finncent?

Is Finn Mikaelson still trapped inside his sister Freya's necklace? We asked Yusuf Gatewood about his alter ego and The Originals Season 3!

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