Alyson Hannigan News

Alyson Hannigan became a household name among nerds everywhere when she starred in the Joss Whedon television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Willow.  Soon, even the mainstream would come to adore Hannigan when she played the band nerd in the American Pie trilogy.  Now, fans can still catch Alyson on television every week with her starring role as Lily on How I Met Your Mother.

Hannigan married Buffy / Angel co-star Alxis Denisof in 2003 and the two of them have a daughter, Satyana Denisof together.

Role Show
Lily Aldrin How I Met Your Mother
Birth Date:
Washington, D.C.

Alyson Hannigan Quotes

Xander: Okay, this is where I have a problem. See, because we’re having a talk about vampires. We’re having a talk...with vampires in it.
Willow: Isn’t that what we saw last night?
Buffy: No. No, those weren’t vampires. Those were just guys in a serious need of a facial. Or maybe they had rabies? It could’ve been rabies! And that guy turning into dust... just trick of light.
[Xander gives her a look]
Buffy: That’s exactly what I said the first time I saw a vampire. Well, after I was done with the screaming part.
Willow: Oh, I need to sit down.
Buffy: You are sitting down.
Willow: Oh...good for me.

Cordelia: Willow...nice dress! Good to know you've seen the softer side of Sears.
[Willow looks down]
Willow: Oh, well, my mom picked it up.
Cordelia: No wonder you're such a guy magnet. Are you done?
Willow: Oh!
[She leaves]