Kim Zimmer

A three-time Emmy Award-winner, Kim Zimmer began her daytime drama career in 1978 with a role as a terrorist on the soap opera One Life to Live.

But she's most known for her work on Guiding Light, which began in 1983.

Zimmer left Guiding Light in 1990 – she returned in 1995 – and went on to land a recurring role on Aaron Spelling’s Models, Inc. , as well as guest spots on Seinfeld and University Hospital. She was featured in the movies-of-the-week Hell Hath No Fury and Disappearance of Vonnie; has guest-starred on Designing Women and Babylon 5; and portrayed Jodie Walker on Santa Barbara.

Off-Broadway, she played one of the leading roles in Jon Patrick Shanley’s highly acclaimed Four Dogs & A Bone.

Role Show
Reva Lewis Guiding Light

Guiding Light Quotes

Harley: Did you buy or seel any small countries today?
Gus: No, that's tomorrow at 4.

Thank you. My favorite kind of food - the kind that sweats in the bag before you open it.