Michael O'Leary

Michael O'Leary returned to the show in March 1995 in the role of Dr. Rick Bauer. He had previously played the character from 1983–86 and again from 1987–91.

O'Leary's credits include the recurring role of Dr. Stewart Farmingham on the popular ABC series Doogie Howser, M.D. and Paul in It's A Small World. He also worked in part of an anthology series produced by David Lynch for HBO as well as an episode of Law & Order.

In addition, he has appeared in films, on Off-Broadway, and in national television commercials.

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Rick Bauer Guiding Light

Guiding Light Quotes

Harley: Did you buy or seel any small countries today?
Gus: No, that's tomorrow at 4.

Thank you. My favorite kind of food - the kind that sweats in the bag before you open it.