Amazon Prime: July Brings Courtrooms & Cadavers!

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While everyone loves watching USA's favorite attorneys, sometime's it's hard to keep up.

We know it and Amazon know it.

And if you lose your way with a series, Amazon Prime is making it easier than ever find your way back.

Beginning in July, Suits Season 5 will be available free with your Prime subscription. 

We also won't hold it against you if you had second thoughts about watching the end of Hannibal.

Nobody likes endings, well, except Hannibal, because not many people live to talk about being cannibalized. 

We have to be honest about that.

You can start watching Hannibal Season 3 beginning in July, as well.

The Syfy series Defiance also came to an end, and you can watch it finish up on Prime.

There are also seasons for sale on Amazon, including the latest episodes of Suits Season 6, Tyrant Season 3 and Mr. Robot Season 2, among others.

These are all in addition to Amazon originals.

Amazon has an Emmy-winning comedy series with Transparent, an alternate history drama with The Man in the High Castle and Julian Fellowes' Doctor Thorne, a series after your Downton Abbey loving heart.

You can get all of this and more when you sign up for Amazon Prime right now!

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