Arrow Midseason 4 Sizzle Reel: Not Especially Bright

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There's a joke in this trailer, but you have to wait to the very end to find it. 

It's also kind of a play on what appears to lie ahead for the entire Arrow team and us, as viewers of The CW series. Darkness.

And not just of the Damien Darhk variety. Surely he's not the only creating all this chaos. Right?

Well, his wife is about to get in on the action. Can you believe it?

Just when we kinda sorta​ felt sorry for his family for, well, being his family, she might be the Darhkest bitch of them all.

She's going to throw her hat in the ring for Mayor of Star City. 

Certainly Damien would have to taint the water to get votes for that woman. 

Roy's back. So is Katana. And she seems like an adversary. I did not see that one coming.

But yes, please I want Nyssa back and the fight scene between her and Katana looks pretty badass.

Speaking of badass, Felicity is shown with black hair looking a lot like the gal she was before she became who she is now. 

Flashback or does she recover and regress?

And, we're given not one, not two, but THREE more women in peril for who might be in the grave.

Really Arrow? THREE more women? You couldn't have tossed in a man as a red herring? 

Alright fine. Let's assume both Thea (who is featured in a hospital bed with Oliver asking her not to leave him) doesn't die, Lyla isn't shot point blank in the face and Laurel's bleeding head wound are all just that – red herrings.

I vote strictly on the fact they're keeping all the men off the table as possible grave subjects that it's one of them. 

What do you say? Let's hear from you!!

Arrow Season 4 Episode 10 returns this Wednesday. 

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