Arrow Promo: Will a Trip To Bratva Prove Deadly?

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Will the team be able to survive a deadly trip to Bratva?

That will be addressed on Arrow Season 5 Episode 12 when the flashbacks collide with the present as Oliver bumps into a lot of faces from the past. 

Diggle and Tina are Friends - Arrow

Unfortunately, not all of those faces will be friendly, but at least he has the new Black Canary with him. 

Yes, it looks like Dinah Drake will be playing a big role on the show from here on out. 

In the teaser, it looks like she and Diggle are getting along swimmingly as they arrive in Russia undercover. 

There will be some tense fights, betrayals and a whole lot of answers. 

It sure looks like this is a field trip that Team Arrow will turn into a memorable one. 

However, it looks like Thea is still not around. 

Another loss - Arrow Season 4 Episode 22

Could Willa Holland be gearing up to leave the series?

Hopefully not. 

Have a look at the full teaser below and be with us next Wednesday for a full review!

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