Arrow Season 4 Episode 17 Promo: "Beacon of Hope"

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Brie Larvan is making her way to Star City.

She didn't make much of an impact on Central City, but it looks like she aims to change that when she hits Palmer Tech on Arrow Season 4 Episode 17.

She's after the chip in Felicity's spine. 

We're crying FOUL on that one!

Of course, when Oliver learns the women he loves are trapped with a mad woman, he'll try to save them.

He'll take along Team Arrow and get the help of a surprising ally.

Who is the ally? If it's surprising, I always imagine it's probably someone we don't like. A baddie?

It's always good to check in with Palmer Tech.

That means more Curtis, who has not had the screen time we've been craving.

Is there any Curtis Holt in the promo for "Beacon of Hope"?

Watch to find out!

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