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Yes, Arrow Season 4 is trying our patience!

We already have to wait until January 20 for the return of Arrow, but now it looks like we might have to wait even longer for the full fate of Felicity's future to be revealed.

From the Revenge trailer, it appears Felicity will survive, but something will go wrong, perhaps during surgery.

I don't want to knock Thea for telling Oliver as soon as she receives the news (after all, there are enough lies going around already), but is telling him in the field the best idea?

Um...probably not.

Donna Smoak's reaction to Oliver's appearance with her in the hospital hallway...the way she covers her mouth. It's so ambiguous!

What does it mean?!

We also have a new shot of Oliver in by the grave, and he hardly seems broken up over whoever is buried below, more that it's setting into motion his desires for a heated battle.

Agree? It doesn't seem so much like someone he loved dearly.

Perhaps knocking out his closest allies. 

Does Roy Harper return to town only to take one for the team? What if he's mistaken for Thea and killed? 

There are so many possibilities out there, but first and foremost...what is next for Felicity. Amnesia, paralysis, infertility...or is she pregnant and can't have an operation? What's happening you guys?

Watch the trailer now and have your say!

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