Arrow Season 5: First Look, Katie Cassidy's Return, A New Team & More

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The Arrow panel at San Diego Comic Con didn't seem to be as full of surprises as usual.

There was a new trailer released of Arrow Season 5 footage which can be found below.

In it, the focus, surprisingly, was on Oliver and Laurel, and the promise he made to her upon her deathbed and moving forward.

We've been told we'll be getting the details on that promise during Season 5.

It just might happen in the premiere.

A premiere on which Katie Cassidy will be appearing.

Yes, Katie Cassidy will be back on Arrow, and not for just one episode. 

Probably the biggest news out of the Arrow panel was that Cassidy struck a deal with the Berlanti-verse similar to that of Wentworth Miller (Leonard Snart) and John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn).

“Katie Cassidy will not be disappearing from this universe,” showrunner Wendy Mericle said.

Cassidy will now appear across all three shows, including Arrow, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular.

She's back, baby!!

What is unclear is whether she's back as Black Canary rose from the dead (hey, it's happened before) or as Black Siren or as Black Canary once removed (from another earth, another timeline, etc. 

When you get down to it, in this particular universe, the possibilities are quite endless.

Whatever it is, that promise made to Laurel is driving Oliver to take creating a new team seriously. 

He's training Wild Dog (Felicity thinks the name is cooler than Rene, and I have to agree) and Curtis.

Wasn't Curtis far more athletic when we first met him? What happened to the triathlete? Why does he seem so bumbling when training with Oliver? Inquiring minds want to know!!

In other news, Oliver is still in love with Felicity, but they are not together. More of that will evolve as the season continues.

Diggle is working for special forces in Chechnya missing the team. 

Thea, meanwhile. just wants to be normal. She'll accomplish that by carrying the weight of Oliver's duties as Mayor, which Amell expressed Oliver does horribly. 

“What a garbage mayor he is,” Amell exclaimed. “He’s terrible. And he’s terrible because there’s no team.”

The video below also introduces the new big bad for the season, named Prometheus.

Prometheus is not a canon character, but one created specifically for the show. Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim noted that the character is one that “fits in the theme of legacy this year that’s going to be driving all of our characters.”

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