Arrow Season 6 Trailer: Everything Has Changed

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Everything has changed. 

That is the bold message to take from the official trailer for Arrow Season 6, and for what it's worth, we definitely believe it. 

Who would have thought that Oliver would ever get the opportunity to be a father to William? We've watched this man clean the mean streets of Star City and lose those closest to him. 

Bringing The Green - Arrow

So, we're certainly heading into uncharted waters, and that's a good thing. William is very much against Oliver because of everything that transpired on Lian Yu at the close of Arrow Season 5

William's mother could be dead or missing, so that alone will bring up a lot of resentment from William to his father. 

The dynamic between Oliver and Slade will have changed and that's down to the fact to two of them have children. They have something to talk about now as opposed to bickering. 

Can Oliver Handle Fatherhood - Arrow

The trailer does nothing to ease our minds about who else could have made it out of Lian Yu after the big Prometheus-induced explosion. 

There's going to be some casualties because it would just weaken the whole point of the cliffhanger if everyone miraculously survived. 

All told, the show's sixth season looks set to be an action-packed affair that will push Oliver to his limit as he tries to adapt to all of the changes. 

What do you think of the trailer?

Sound off below. 

Remember you can watch Arrow online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up before Arrow returns October 12 on The CW!

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