Brockmire Sneak Peek: The Extra Problems Sobriety Brings

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Anxiety is getting to Jim Brockmire.

On Brockmire Season 3 Episode 3, while dealing with a case of broadcaster's anxiety that makes it hard to remember the count, Brockmire faces threats from his predecessor, Matt "The Bat" Hardesty.

Sobriety Sucks - Brockmire Season 3 Episode 3

To prove how bad things get, Brockmire prays to God for the first time, too.

In this hilarious clip from the episode, Jim appeals to Shirley how he can temper the anxiety he has as it's detrimental to his career.

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Shirley can't bother being compassionate, but she has a lot of wise information to share with Jim before she begins binge-shaming him for his lack of entertainment awareness.

Martha Plimpton is such a perfect choice for Shirley. She matches Hank Azaria's explosive facial expressions twitch by twitch. They're a comedic match made in heaven!

Follow the Sponsor - Brockmire Season 3 Episode 3

It's not surprising Brockmire lures such great guest stars into its midst.

Jim's plight about the yips leads to his explanation of his job, and it's a lot more difficult to imagine calling baseball than I have ever considered.

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Shirley suggests Jim just give it some time.

The good news is he's gone to a meeting. It's a great first step.

He's shocked when she reveals that sobriety only reveals the problems that were covered up by drugs and alcohol.

Shirley Is Not Impressed - Brockmire Season 3 Episode 3

That's when Jim drops the bombshell.

Not only does he have 40 years of problems stacked up that he now has to deal with, but he cannot even get through some of the best shows television has had to offer in decades.

Jim doesn't want to be binge shamed over his inability to complete a difficult task, but viewers will laugh when they discover what he's tried to watch and what he can't manage to complete.

So go ahead and click play below so you can prepare for another superb episode of Brockmire.

Brockmire airs at 10/9c on Wednesday nights. Don't miss it, and drop by for a review of all the fun when it's over.

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Brockmire Season 3 Episode 3: "The Yips"
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Brockmire Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Jim: I don't have time, Shirley. The Yips are like a missing child. The first 24 hours are everyting. If you don't solve it by then, you might as well start checking dumpsters and ever-expanding concentric circles for what's left of my career!
Jim: Dammit. I thought sobriety was supposed to solve my problems, not invent new ones.
Shirley: Sobriety just reveals the problems you've been avoiding with drugs and alcohol.
Jim: Seriously?
Shirley: Mmm hmm.
Jim: Because I've got about 40 years of problems stacked up here. I can barely get through five seasons of Friday Night Lights.
Shirley: Oh, you should. It's really good.
Jim: After I watch Breakin' Bad.
Shirley: You haven't seen Breaking Bad?
Jim: Don't binge shame me, Shirley. I'm barely hanging on here.

Jim: Hugh the Human Pooper Scooper was deeply committed to the SCAT lifestyle. He used to actually pay prostitutes to squat over a glass coffee table...
Filmographer: You know Jim, I actually think we're good.
Jim: Wait. I have more.