Claire Slaps Daniel

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When Claire finds out that Daniel is taking Molly, Connor's fiancee, to a charity event, she gets a little angry at her son for going after an involved woman. She goes so far as to slap!
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Ugly Betty
Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 10: "Bad Amanda"
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Betty: I warned you that that place was too expensive didn't I? you just said you had to eat ramen
Christina: Which would have worked if Amanda wasn't eating all my ramen... and she denies it! She just says there's an old crazy man who lives inside my walls and comes out at night to eat my food. She calls him "Bad Ronald."

Betty: I can barely pay my rent, oh, which is due tomorrow. I almost forgot.
Hilda: Is juice moocher pitching in?
Betty: Well I've been dropping hints all week
Hilda: Yeah, have you tried, "Where's my rent, bitch?"
Betty: No