Days Of Our Lives Scoop: Meet the New Girl!

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Who's the new girl on Days of Our Lives? And can she help solve the necktie killer mystery?

Meet Lani, a fresh addition to the Salem police force who will lend a hand to Rafe in solving crime - but there's a little more to the story, as actress Sal Stowers told me on set

As you'll see in our video interview Q&A, Stowers is clearly having a good time as she talked up her new, rather hairy, love interest on the show.

However, all joking aside, Stowers is coming in right as the serial killer story line is heating up (SPOILER: it was revealed last week that Ben is the killer) and as the soap opera is coming up on its 50th anniversary.

Check out our chat with Stowers to find out more of what we'll see of her on the NBC sudser.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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