Heroes vs. Aliens Crossover Event Trailer: They're Like World War Z Zombies!

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This is getting weird, you guys.

Not so much that aliens are getting ready to attack our favorite DC superheroes on The CW, but that the only time we see trailers for the big event is in association with Supergirl, when the smallest part of the crossover will be in conjunction with that hour.

There hasn't been a single trailer in support of the event from the other series yet, has there? Supergirl is doing all the heavy lifting on Mondays and the others are just picking up her slack the remainder of the week.

Nonetheless, pretty much everyone is featured in this one. Even this guy ↓↓


The Flash and Green Arrow are arguing like little boys while they should be paying attention to aliens, but hey, getting a good jab in can be important.

Three of the Legends are kickin' around an (apparently) dead alien, so they know they die. Good to see Mick, Amaya and Nate as a few alien-fighting badasses.

I assume EVERY trailer from now until November 28th will feature Felicity, with HR at her side, exclaiming, "Best Team-up Ever!!" The only thing that's missing from that is Oliver drolly mumbling to her that is is NOT a team-up, like he did every time Ray Palmer used the phrase with excitement when partnering with the Arrow.

Wild Dog is being normal and thanking someone, who? We can't tell. He's never seen Deathstroke...surely he's not confused and thanking him, right? Will that be a flashback, or will they really need all the fighting power over aliens they can get?

What the heck is going on during the 100th episode of Arrow, anyway? Why is Laurel is a wedding dress? What earth is she from? (Sorry...I got lost there for a minute.)

Share your thoughts on any and everything below and enjoy the latest trailer for Heroes vs. Aliens, the biggest, baddest crossover event in the history of events!

I'm curious about this one...Will you be tuning in for all four parts of the crossover event?

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