John Wesley Shipp Gushes Over Grant Gustin, The Flash

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We've been watching John Wesley Shipp since his days on Guiding Light. We talked about the soap opera and, of course, about The Flash in this exclusive Q&A from Comic-Con in San Diego. 

Having played The Flash himself before isn't the only reason he believes there is a natural synergy between him and Grant Gustin. They were both both in Norfolk, Virginia, and both born in January, as well. In other words, things really lined up for the two actors.

It certainly shows when the two get together to play their scenes, which are often heavy with emotion. Shipp shares with us an experience with Gustin when his pseudo son just wasn't feeling it and how he helped bring him into the scene. He also admits how proud he is of the word Gustin is doing in the role.

Find out what else the veteran actor has to say about working with Gustin and why Henry Allen might be in Iron Heights (despite its lax security) a little longer than originally planned when you watch this interview and be sure to tune into The Flash Season 2 when it premieres on Oct. 6.

If you want to get a look at all of these wonderful emotional moments between the Allens, you can watch The Flash online right here at TV Fanatic.

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