Satisfaction Season 2 Trailer: Unconventional and Incredibly Sexy!

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Are we ready for where Neil and Grace are taking their marriage? Are they?

This sexy new look at Satisfaction Season 2 shows the couple upping the ante on their love live to find the pizazz they lost along the way.

We've wondered how far they were willing to go, and it looks like the answer is as far as they can. Grace is testing the waters with a little S&M with Adriana and Neil sure as hell appears to be back in the escort business. Will the two be as interested in pleasing each other as they are in testing the boundaries of their relationship?

There's one thing we learned from Satisfaction Season 1 and that's that the series is wickedly wonderful at pulling the wool over our eyes when it comes to trailers. What we're seeing may take place on one night and could be a single event, a party where Neil and Grace are role playing. Never put anything past one of the most provocative dramas on television. Just be thankful it's on the way back to titillate once more!

If you want to see what Stephanie Szostak had to say about what's coming, don't miss the interview we had with her during hiatus!

We'll be covering every episode, so mark your calendars for the premiere, Friday, Oct. 16. Weekends are going to start off with a bang!

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I don't know what to say because I hate this job. None of what I do really matters. I don't even get to see what I'm trading on a daily basis, it's just numbers on a screen. It's not real. We don't contribute anything to the world in any meaningful way. We just hoard money, and I always thought you were an asshole for making that a virtue.


I think the problem is I need to feel more right now, not less.