Scream Season 2: New Premiere Date & Cast Teaser!

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MTV is getting ready for another killer summer.

And, thankfully, there are still some familiar faces left to tell the tale.

Everybody had a favorite character from Scream Season 1, right?

Mine was Brooke, and just seeing her and imagining everything she can get into during Scream Season 2 makes the wait for this teaser worth it.

The best line of the teaser comes from Jake, though.

"How do you know whether you're the cat or the mouse?"

That's the trouble you get into when you're playing both sides of the equation like so many of the characters were on Scream.

Do we really expect Audrey to be the girl behind the mask during Season 2 after she was unmasked during the finale of Season 1?

I sure as hell don't, but I do expect her to become a little bit too confident and careless, probably winding up dead before all is said and done.

While previous announcements had Scream premiering on Tuesday, May 31, SCRATCH THAT.

The new premiere date for Scream Season 2 is Monday, May 30. One day earlier.

Mark your calendars and be here for a full summer of slashing and carving, just as it should be.

If you need to catch up with the first season or just need a character refresher, you can watch Scream online right here via TV Fanatic!

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