Station 19 Season 2 Trailer Teases Grey's Anatomy Crossovers and Heartbreak

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TGIT was back underway Thursday night, but there was one show ominously missing:

Station 19!

The Grey's Anatomy spin-off will return for its sophomore run on Thursday, October 4, but that didn't stop an emotional trailer from airing during the two-hour season premiere of Greys. 

Station 19 Season 2 Episode 1 picks up right where Station 19 Season 1 left off, putting us right back into the fire. 

Travis is in a dire situation, and it looks like things only get worse when he makes his way to the hospital. 

New Milestone - Station 19

"It wasn't supposed to be like this," wails former Grey's Anatomy character, Ben, in what looks to be the immediate aftermath. 

Could this mean that Travis is being killed off? 

It would be a little easy to spoil that in the trailer, so we're going to assume that he's pulling through and the show is going to kill someone else off entirely. 

Jack was trapped in the burning building with Ben, and we don't get a glimpse of him following the fire, so there's a good chance he could be the one dying. 

Andy Captain for the Day - Station 19 Season 1 Episode 3

But the show also has to address the fate of Pruitt!

The new trailer also shows multiple appearances from Grey's Anatomy characters. There's Bailey, Maggie, DeLuca, and even Meredith. 

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 has been billed as the season of the feels, but it's difficult to conclude what Station 19 Season 2's tagline should be. 

What are your thoughts on the new trailer?

Hit the comments below. 

Remember you can watch Station 19 online right here via TV Fanatic. 

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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 1: "No Recovery"
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Station 19 Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Vic: What the hell do you care? You were willing to leave us all in there. You did leave us. You evacuated the entire building with my whole team still inside.
Chief Ripley: It's protocol.
Vic: You could have made a different choice. But you didn't. That's my report.
Chief Ripley: There was no other choice to make! You are eager, and you are loyal to your friends, but I don't get that luxury, not in my position. What the hell do I care? More than you could possibly know.

Andy: Just because we both have vaginas doesn't mean you and I have to be friends.
Maya: Sure thing. Only, and well, I say this from years of training by myself, there's safety in numbers. And when it comes to us vs. all the rest of these guys, one thing we should probably consider is sticking together.