The Flash All Access: Killer Frost and Vibe Join the Ranks!

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CW All Access has been bringing to us all kinds of fun interviews lately, and up now is the cast of The Flash. 

Find out what Grant Gustin has to say about growing up with Barry Allen during The Flash Season 1 and what it might be like knowing about the future, as well as Jesse L. Martin's take on his character, Joe's, relationship with Barry and what it was like filming with a giant (psychic) gorilla!

Candace Patton, meanwhile, wants everyone to take a step back because Iris did not see the newspaper with the headline featuring her as a married woman and she's not likely to be as easy to sway with all this future talk. Good for her! Fight fate! Be your own woman, Iris.

Tom Cavanaugh is positive The Flash will be running for at least 16 seasons and that he'll be along for the ride the entire way, as he's the dark to Barry's light. is he saying he'll continue playing a version of Eobard Thawne for the duration?!

Then checking in with Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes who play Caitlin and Cisco, they're ready to suit up and get down as Killer Frost and Vibe, respectively. Who can blame them, especially Panabaker...did you see her in that get up in the finale? HOT!!

Take a look at the long and worthwhile video above and wipe your brow, we have to sweat out a few more months, at least, until The Flash Season 2 premieres!

If you want to experience it all again, you can watch The Flash online right here at TV Fanatic. Why wait?!

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One mystery I cannot figure out is why some people come into our lives and why some people go. Others become a part of you. Some friendships feel like they'll last forever and others end far too soon. Not every friendship is meant to last forever. What does last forever is the pain when that person is gone.


Harry: I guess this means you've traveled back in time again.
Barry: Yeah, but I...
Harry: How many times have I told you not to do that?