The Flash Season 3 First Look: Who's the Villain Now?!

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"I'm finally free. I'm home."

Well, if we wanted everything to change as a result of Barry's actions on The Flash Season 2 Episode 23, we're getting our wish.

The CW released a teaser video for The Flash Season 3, and it's incredible.

The first thing I noticed was how happy Barry was. Did this worry anyone else?

The enormity of what Barry did really didn't seem to get through to him.

In fact, as the video goes on, even meeting people for the first time, he still seems to be in the dark.

Whether that's willful on his part, or he's just incredibly naive will be interesting to watch.

Barry's parents are alive.

He feels free and alive, not worried or concerned.

He appears to find a way to pick up with Iris and win her heart in a new way.

She can read him, though, and recognizes he may be hiding something

When she asks if they're something else to each other where he comes from, he's wearing his Flash suit.

His powers have remained intact throughout the journey? I wonder how that will be explained.

Also curious is how Cisco became so obnoxious as he became the wealthiest man in America. He can't be a jerk with money!

Joe considers Barry a bit of a pest, reminding him he doesn't know him, doesn't know his life.

Barry looked pretty darn surprised to see Kid Flash.

Do you think he'll recognize Wally straight away, or will he have to think on it for a while, or wait for his mask to fall?

There were a lot of instantaneous flashes. I'm counting on you. What did you see?

Who is in the hospital bed? What flashes before our eyes

Did you have any idea we'd get such a great change from Flashpoint?

Make sure you watch The Flash online if you need to catch up. Is it October yet?!

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Can I keep the sweatshirt?


Barry: We send the bomb into the Speed Force, we let it detonate in there.
Jay: Like hell, you will!
Barry: What do you mean? Why not?!
Jay: Because Flash, if you do that, we may lose the Speed Force forever!