Tom Cavanagh Teases The Flash Season 2: Kisses! Car Chases!

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Tom Cavanagh talks time travel and how it “cures all ills” in this exclusive interview about The Flash at Comic-Con.

He also defends Dr. Wells and jokingly yells at us. Generally, he proves that all of the awesomeness he pulls off in his duality as Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne comes directly from himself.

But when you watch, you'll see him be incredibly generous and give all of the credit to the writers, who crafted a multi-faceted villain, a guy who wants to get home versus a guy who needs to protect the flash and marshal his forces along instead of a mustache twirling evil dude.

This man has a way with words. 

A very high bar was set during The Flash Season 1, but something was missing. What should be featured in The Flash Season 2 to make up for it? Don't waste anymore time reading this, watch Mr. Cavanaugh ratchet up the excitement when he plans his seminal moment for the upcoming season.

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