Vikings Season 4 Episode 3 Clip: Grizzly

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Bjorn left Kattegat on a quest not only to prove himself to his father, but to test his survival skills in order to earn his place as a leader.

Throughout his self-imposed exile, one threatening visitor kept catching his eye.

Ultimately, the Viking decides it's kill or be killed and faces off against the massive grizzly bear.

Though the animal manages to wound Bjorn, the warrior gets the upper hand and kills the beast with an axe to the skull.

King Ragnar's son sleeps well that evening with a full belly, unaware that a berserker assassin is on hot his trail.

Was the bear simply warm up for the savage killer Bjorn must face next?

Is he strong enough to take down a berserker?

Tune in to Vikings Season 4 Episode 4 for the answer to that question. For now, watch the intense grizzly bear fight below...

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Vikings Season 4 Episode 3: "Mercy"
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Vikings Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

However you do it, kill Bjorn Ironside.


Ragnar: You haven't told him, have you? He needs to know Helga.
Floki: What is he talking about, Helga? What is it you haven't told me?
Helga: Our daughter is dead. She caught a fever. There was nothing they could do.