NCIS Round Table: "Ignition"

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As we talked about earlier in our review of "Ignition," last night's NCIS saw McGee take the lead in a case right up his alley, while introducing a new foil for Gibbs.

Below, our staff members break down Tuesday's episode of TV's #1 show in more detail in an NCIS Round Table discussion. Here's what our panel had to say ...

1. What was your favorite NCIS quote from the episode?

The Barnacle: Abby sweetly condescendingly to McGee: "What's really amazing is how much more fascinating jet-pack trivia gets the 11th time you've heard it."

Dr. Shepherd: The obligatory Ziva mispronunciation of the week (albeit not necessarily her fault): When she read M. Allison Hart's name as "Mallison."

M.L. House: No particular NCIS quotes stand out, but I loved McGee's enthusiasm and Tony's awkward inability to handle playing second fiddle.


2. More out of place when taking charge: McGee or Palmer?

M.L. House: McGee was promoted from Probie to The Man this week. Despite his schoolboy-like fascination with jet packs, his "light bulb" moment did crack the case. Enough said!

Dr. Shepherd: Tie. The mysteries are always compelling, but what really makes NCIS so good are the characters and knowing them well enough to appreciate the nuances. Both youngsters flailed (and rambled) a bit while out of their element, but weren't entirely over their heads.

The Barnacle: For sharing the name of a Major League Baseball star, Jim Palmer would make a terrible pitcher the way he wilted under pressure. And it was only a squirrel!

3. Did you crack the case before McGee did?

The Barnacle: Yes. I nailed this one before the second "phoof." I knew they let "Hondo's" commanding officer slip through their fingers and that he was hiding something.

M.L. House: Sort of. It felt like they were spending so long on the Tillmans and then the alternative theory just clicked too easily. But that is probably how it works sometimes ...

Dr. Shepherd: I did not. Marcus Giamatti was great as Mr. Tillman, but I never pegged him as a killer. His ex-wife? She seemed like the type who might mastermind it.

4. What is Hart's hidden agenda?

Dr. Shepherd: Not sure how hidden it is, especially since Gibbs has already connected her to Col. Bell. The question is what revenge Bell/Hart plan on taking exactly.

M.L. House: From the way she was calling out his every move circumventing justice (allegedly), I'd say her goal is probably to catch our man slipping up somehow.

The Barnacle: Bell can't seriously be planning to have Gibbs whacked, can he? If so, he's going about it the right way, using a lawyer Gibbs clearly has a thing for! I wonder if this is the new love interest NCIS spoilers have teased for Gibbs in 2010.

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NCIS Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Tony: It's a remote control receiver?
McGee: Yes, it is.
Ziva: What is the range?
McGee: Almost a kilometer.
Tony: I don't speak Canadian. How far is that?

Ziva: Slow drivers.
Tony: Bad drivers.
Ziva: What is so hard? You go as fast as possible, when something gets in your way, you turn.
Tony: You're quoting Better Off Dead. I told you to watch that.