NCIS Round Table: "Jet Lag"

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Last night's NCIS featured a mystery unraveling both in Washington and on a commercial flight en route from Paris, with Gibbs and McGee trying to figure out who took out a contract on the life of the material witness Tony and Ziva were trying to protect.

As we said in our review of "Jet Lag," it made for a terrific episode. Now, let's delve even deeper into Tuesday's NCIS in our staff's weekly Round Table discussion ...

1. What was your favorite scene from last night?

The Barnacle: Any scenes with Gibbs and that hot madam. Sure, she was an accessory to murder, but she had a certain sexiness to her that stole the show. Yum.

L.J. Gibbs: Definitely the end, when we saw Tony's cute photo of Ziva. I loved how they kept us guessing as to what happened in Paris, then ended on that note.

M.L. House: Ducky filling in with a movie reference in Tony's absence, then Tony returning the favor via satellite in the bathroom. Both classic NCIS quotes.


2. Did any elements of the confined-on-a-plane scenario feel forced?

M.L. House: Maybe it's just because we saw something similar on Human Target, but it seemed far-fetched. As did the discovery of the dead Marine. If he's not found (very possible), is there no tie-in by which Gibbs is working his end of the case?

L.J. Gibbs: A little, but making the killer’s identity random was a great twist, as was the flight attendant's clever attempt to kill the accountant - and her unlikely rescuer.

The Barnacle: It might have been, but this is television, and I was too distracted trying to piece together a compelling mystery, and by the amazing duo that is Tiva.

3. Did you figure out the mystery?

The Barnacle: No, and it's a good thing, too, because the suspense led to the night's best scene: When the killer struck and the (previous) suspect offered them an injection he claimed was epinephrine. Short on time, Tony and Ziva had to chance it. Great drama.

M.L. House: If there was anything I disliked about this otherwise great episode it was the madam, Holly Snow. She was not very believable (nor was her getting a plea deal) and served only as a distraction to me, although perhaps that was the point.

L.J. Gibbs: Which part? No matter how many movies or shows you see it on, when a villain is (or is not) pretending to be an officer of the law, it's very difficult to tell. That's why the marshal on the plane was a great ruse. I never suspected Nora's fiance was involved either, although looking back, they definitely dropped a hint or two early.

4. Did Tony and Ziva ... well, you know?

L.J. Gibbs: We talked about it earlier, but I loved that what happened in Paris stayed in Paris, at least to the point where we're left guessing on some of the details. A little bit of mystery helps, rather than hinders the dynamic between Tony and Ziva.

M.L. House: It's fairly obvious that something happened from the way they were dodging Nora's questions about it. Poker faces are not Tony's forte. No way things were 100 percent platonic!

The Barnacle: Did Gibbs the man in the interrogation room? Obviously!

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