Ugly Betty Review: "Chica and the Man"

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One cannot help but feel sad about the impending doom of Ugly Betty. Especially since this show gives Wednesday nights something fun, edgy, and different to watch.

Last night, on "Chica and the Man," Wilhelmina's impersonator stole the show - then Wilhelmina herself stole it right back.

Marc and Wilhemina

How awesome was it that no one except Betty's weird cat loving followers could tell that Wilheldiva Hater was a drag queen? Even Daniel was fooled by this beautiful man. I loved the ending when Wilhelmina got on stage and performed Man Eater. It showed that beneath her rough and cold exterior somewhere deep deep down inside, she really is not that bad of a person.

It was nice to see that Amanda got a promotion as well. Although, I kinda like that she is the receptionist. Mostly, receptionist get portrayed by people who are dumb and cute - and Amanda is probably one of the smarter people on the show. 

Speaking of Amanda, who knew Daniel and Amanda were back in the sack? I like their term for it too - "fun buddies". In fact, who wouldn't want a "fun buddy"? Everybody needs somebody sometimes - but one can't help but see past Daniel's quick impulses.

Looks like Betty really does get under Daniel's skin. Even Marc pointed out that they should make-out. Is everyone hinting on what we all are hoping for? I for one, love the idea of these two getting it on!  They both have a way of bettering the other person in a way no one else has been able to do as well. Before this show ends (and I really hope it doesn't - have you signed the petition to keep it on?!?) we must see where this story goes!

We can't wait to see what develops with our heroine. Do you think that she will be the one that ends up getting married?! And one last question we are dying to find out about - when will those ugly braces come off?

Until next week, we leave you with a couple Ugly Betty quotes:

Marc: And trust me, no good ever came from keeping someone in the closet.
Amanda: Wow. You just got really deep.
Marc: I know. Now I have a headache. | permalink
Daniel: Well when they called my a womanizer at least it sounds sexy - you just made me sound like a jerk. | permalink
Betty: (about Daniel) Do you know what he said to me about my fans? He called them a tiny band of cat loving weirdos. | permalink

Chica and the Man Review

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