Lost Round Table: "Sundown"

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More intense and action-packed than most episodes, the latest installment of Lost was all about Sayid.

As outlined in our initial review of "Sundown," we loved everything about it - from Sayid's sideways storyline to the thrilling final 10 minutes. Below, various members of the TV Fanatic staff analyze the hour in depth, offering up theories and observations in this week's edition of the Round Table.

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Rank Sayid's Sideways storyline versus the others we've seen so far.
M.L. House: Locke's must be first because it gave Terry O'Quinn a platform on which to be portray two contrasting characters in one episode. But Sayid's inner struggle between good and evil mirrors the show's themes as much as anyone and was portrayed perfectly this week.

LJ Gibbs: In terms of performance, storyline and contribution to the overall plot, Sayid's was right up there with Locke's. However, Locke didn't shoot three gangsters in his sideways world, so Sayid comes out on top.

Mr. Probst: This is going to shock anyone who knows me, but I'd put it second behind Jack's.  I freaking hate island-Jack and his ruining-the-cool-looking-glass-mirror tantrums, but his flash-sideways was riveting.  Let's just say my allergies coincidentally kicked in right about the time Jack listened to his own message to his son about just hearing his voice.

Mrs. Stewie: It was ish for me.  Kate and whatever she did/does/will do ranks at the bottom [of my shoe], where she belongs.  I think I am so over the moon with Locke's alterna-tude and his life with his Peace and Karma-loving Helen in his sideways storyline that he and TOQ are my #1 4-eva.  I saw this ep more as Nadia's sideways storyline.  I wanted some sneaking-around-the-house-hoping-to-not-get-caught-by-Omar-canoodling! 

I was yearning for more.  To be honest, I was actually waiting for and expecting the Kwons' sideways storyline.  Disappointment was only slight due to that great cameo of the Jin-cicle.

Lost RT

Is Sayid infected?
M.L. House: Maybe, but that doesn't explain his actions. At least not entirely. This is someone who has always been on the edge of darkness. He resorts to violence when he wants answers (see torture scene, Sawyer, season one) and he's the last person on the island we'd ever mess with. Sure, he flipped out at the end of the episode. But Sayid, as we've always known him, is a character that isn't afraid to kill.

LJ Gibbs: Sayid's creepy words to Ben and his even creepier, conspiratorial looks with Clair and DeathLocke made him appear to be "infected," but his actions were very much in line with the Sayid we've known all along: a man who yearns to be good but who has a darkness inside.

Mr. Probst: Yes, but now we'll never know what "the darkness" is because he went and drowned Dogan and slit Lennon's throat.  Just when Dogan was starting to be awesome.  Way to go, jerk.

Mrs. Stewie: Yes. But not contagious, I understand.  Wouldn't stop me from running my fingers through his shimmering ringlets.  Wait, what?

Could Dogen not kill Sayid because of the island rules? Or out of guilt over his son?
M.L. House: Dogen isn't some mysterious entity. He may be aware of the island rules, but as Keamy proved when he killed Alex a couple seasons ago, regular humans can still break these rules. He looked at the baseball when he had Sayid laid out on the table and was simply reminded of his son. Dogen doesn't want any more blood on his hands.

LJ Gibbs: I'll go with (c) because he's an Other and they (frustratingly) never explain what they do. Would it have killed Dogen to just tell Sayid why he spared his life? Because it may very well have killed him not to.

Mr. Probst: While a difficult story to hear, not killing Sayid because he's guilty over driving drunk and killing his son doesn't make much sense.  Seemed like another one of Dogan's stories designed to deflect attention from his true intentions.  Sayid realized Dogan was lying to him and gave him a Stone Cold Stunner into the spring.

Mrs. Stewie: I don't think the rules pertain to Dogen and Sayid.  As far as they are concerned, they are heartbroken souls who are serving life sentences on the island, never to see their loved ones again.  Dogen knows Sayid-the-Infected needs to die, but he can't do it himself.  He asked Jack to give him the pill and he expected Fake Locke to end it for him in the jungle.  Neither happened and he still couldn't do it himself.  Why? 

I just don't think Dogen is a killer.  The only thing killer about him are his bonsai skills.  He's just a sad dad.  He knows what has to be done, but he's not going to be the one to do it.  The island is teeming with people who can take care of that task for him.


How awesome is Lapidus?
M.L. House: He's the second coolest pilot on TV, next to Jake Pavelka.

LJ Gibbs: Lapidus is the neatest. He's the beesus' kneesus.

Mr. Probst: Up there with Ben?  Ok, not really, but pretty close when you have one line in one scene in a great episode and everyone remembers it.  Suddenly seems like he knows what's going on, though, eh?  Perhaps there's more to this Ilana character than we realize.

Mrs: Stewie: My "Team Lapidus" teeshirt has pit stains.

Who will you miss more: Dogen or Lennon?
M.L. House: Keamy. Why no love for a guy that beats eggs as well as skulls? I already miss his mischievous smile.

LJ Gibbs: Dogen never made me feel like I needed a shower.

Mr. Probst: I wouldn't have cared much at all until Dogan and Sayid had that awesome Rumble in the Temple scene at the beginning of the episode.  Were we watching Lost or a Jackie Chan flick?  I'm disappointed we won't see many more hand to hand combat scenes with Dogan vs. Sayid.

Mrs. Stewie: Neither.  I will miss the Oceanic Air stewardess if we don't get more deets about her!  A lot happened between Tailie and Nanny/Temple Guard and I wanna know!

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